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Assiut Journal of Sport Science and Arts

Assiut Journal of Sport Science and Arts

Structure Communication Skills scale for 4 x 100m relay contestants in the Receiving and Handling Area

The effect of a rehabilitation program using the Bose ( BOSU) Ball on the functional efficiency level in those with a torn cruciate ligament. After surgical ligament repair And normal knee rehabilitation

Effect of specific directional drills of Kata (Nage Nukata) on the performance level for blind Judo players

The Effectiveness of Using info graphic Technology on the Skill Level of High Jump Skill among Intermediate School Students

The effect of Using the Constructive Learning Strategy 7, ES on the Level of Skill Performance of the Skill of 200 Meters Hurdles for Middle School Students in the State of Kuwait

The Reality of the use of Fencing Course Faculty Members for virtual electronic educational platforms in some faculties of Physical Education

The effectiveness of an interactive electronic booklet using the Quick Response Code (QR) and its effect on learning outcomes in the sport of fencing

The effectiveness of using infographic technology to learn some basic skills for The Epee junior

Comparison of Lower Limb Muscles Electromyography Activity Between Vertical and Long Jumps as a Certified Test of Muscle Power in Athletes

A training program supported by VISUAL BASIC technology and its effect on performance level of Spiking in volleyball

The Effect of Using Independent Learning (Discovery - Individual) on the Level of Skill Performance among Students of Swimming Specialty- Al Azhar University

The Effect of a Tutorial Programme Using Interactive Video on the Aspects of Learning Some Gymnastics Skills Within Deaf and Dumb Pupils

Performance Evaluation in Posture Positions (Standing - Sitting- walking) For Elementary School pupils

Comprehensive Developing the Institutional Capacity of the General Administration of Youth Welfare at Beni Suef University

Biomechanics analysis of free throw shooting in Biomechanics analysis of free throw shooting in Biomechanics analysis of free throw shooting in Biomechanics analysis of free throw shooting in Biomechanics analysis of free throw shooting in Biomechanics analysis of free throw shooting in Biomechanics analysis of free throw shooting in Biomechanics analysis of free throw shooting in Biomechanics analysis of free throw shooting in Biomechanics analysis of free throw shooting in Biomechanics analysi

Virtual Reality Technology and Its effect on learning some Compound Attack skills In the sport of Fencing

Anthropometric Profile and Vertical Jump Score in Kuwaiti Male Swimmers: a comparative study

The Effectiveness of Applying the Blended Learning Strategy (Mixture) to Learning the Cognitive and Physical Aspects and Skill for Some (Team Games)

A suggested model for a group of motor exercises for a preschool child and its relationship to gymnastics

Effective use of learning mastery strategy on the level of performing some basic Skills in field hockey for faculty of physical education female students

Training program for counter attack associated with foot work and its effect on the development of the level of performance for youth boxers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as an entrance to Application marketing excellence at swimming schools in Egyptian sport clubs

Relation between Scuba Diving and the happiness among paraplegia Persons

Kinematic Inferential Indicators of the Front Round Kick Skill (Kisame Mawashi Jerry)

The effect of a Proposed Program of Modified Tae Bo Exercises on the level of Some Physical Fitness, Physiological and Skillful Elements of Basketball Players

The effect of Qualitative Drills In terms of Bio-Dynamic Analysis on Technical performance level to Front Somersault Tuck in gymnastics

Educational program in accordance with the principles of psychological flow and its impact on positive social behavior and the development of some basic skills in field hockey

A suggested educational program using specific exercises and its effect on a level Performing some basic gymnastics skills for the pupils of the episode The first of basic Education

The effect of using the Wheatley model for constructive learning on cognitive achievement and the performance level of some skills of playing with the opposite side of racket in Field Hockey

The effect of an educational program using immediate and postponed feedback to learning breast stroke

The effect of a mental training program on enhancing some mental skills, kinematic variables and Kata performance level for Karate juniors

An Analytical Study of Final Stages Biokinematic Characteristics of some Compound Skill Performances of Young Soccer

Pyramidal Hologram technology in the form of a digital booklet and its impact on some defensive skills and cognitive level in handball

Physical rehabilitation criteria throughout the stages of therapeutic exercises program for functional disabilities resulting from accident injuries

Cognitive Outcomes and their Relation to some of the Skills of Motor Analysis for Basketball Coaches in Upper Egypt

Mental Rigidity as a Predictor of the Results of the Matches of Sabre Players under Thirteen Years Old in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Effectiveness of Distance Learning via the Internet on Performance Level of the Setting, Spiking in Volleyball

The Impact of Functional Strength Training on Some Physical Variables and the Level of Some Offensive Strikes in Tennis Players

Effectiveness assessment of motor transportation Indicators Of high jump takeoff

Requirements of Applying Digital Economy in Sports Organizations

Employment Methodology of Proposed Specific Agility Tests as a Basis for Planning and Controlling Specific Physical Preparation of Badminton Juniors Experimental Guiding Study for Coaches

Effect of three-dimensional tutorial on cognitive achievement of anatomy for students of the faculty of physical education for boys-Benha University

Effect of special resistance exercises on extreme forces and some of the mechanical determinants of the stage of disposal and digital achievement of spear competitors

Effect of TRX exercises on the improvement of some physical fitness elements and on performance level for female players on ergometer

A Biomechanical Comparison of the Striking Arm of forehand and backhand Service Skills in squash players

Effect of Software Supported Micro Teaching on Learning Pole Long Jump for Children of (10 – 11) Years

Effects of using the Distinct Learning Strategy According to Learning Styles on the Technical Performance Level of Some Basic Basketball Skills

The Effect of the Kinetic Sensory Activities Program and its Relationship with the Acquisition of the Blind Child Concept of Body Image

Educational software using multimedia and its impact on some basic skills In basketball for persons with special needs

The Effectiveness of an Educational Program for the Effective Communication Skills of the Student Teacher in the Department of Practical Education, Faculty of Basic Education, State of Kuwait

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