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African Journal of Urology

Benign prostatic hyperplasia in a 23 year old man with progeroid syndrome

Authors: M. Ahmed, A.T. Lawal, A. Bello, A. Abubakar, H.Y. Maitama

Journal: African Journal of Urology

Introduction : Progeroid syndromes are characterized by accelerated aging and early development of diseases typically associated with aging. Premature development of tumors including BPH, maybe observed in these patients, which can lead to significant bladder outlet obstruction. Observation : The index patient was a 23 year old man who presented to us with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), features of obstructive nephropathy and was noticed to have been aging rapidly. He had features of premature aging, bilateral cataract and enlarged benign prostate (BPH). He eventually succumbed to obstructive nephropathy and urosepsis. Conclusion : Progeroid syndromes may be associated with premature development of obstructive BPH.