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Pattern of presentation and surgical management of penile fractures in a semi-urban African teaching hospital: Case reports and literature review

Primitive neuroectodermal tumor of kidney mimicking as an inflammatory renal mass

Comparison of safety and efficacy of tamsulosin, tadalafil, combinations and deflazacort in lower ureteric orifice negotiation by large size uretero- scope (8/9.8 Fr) prior to intracorporeal lithotripsy

Outcome of retrograde flexible ureterorenoscopy and laser lithotripsy for treatment of multiple renal stones

A pilot biomonitoring study of bladder tumor antigen (BTA) in aflatoxin exposed Nigerian villagers

The South African guidelines on Enuresis—2017

Bilateral spontaneous thrombosis of the pampiniform plexus; A rare etiology of acute scrotal pain: A case report and review of literature

Patient knowledge of urethral stricture disease in a state sector South African Academic Hospital

Urethral stricture disease after bipolar prostatectomy: Is it a concern?

Forgotten ureteral stents: Risk factors, complications and management

Two pelvises, one stone: A different approach for management of calculi in a duplex renal collecting system

Tunica vaginalis free graft urethroplasty: 10 years experience

Severe congenital penile torsion with anterior urethral diverticulum: A case report

Nomogram for predicting the probability of the positive outcome of prostate biopsies among Ghanaian men

Management of penile fracture: Can it wait?

Scrotoschisis in Aba, South East Nigeria: A case report

Laparoscopic excision of a large symptomatic and kidney-displacing adrenal myelolipoma: A case report

Asymptomatic dedifferentiated liposarcoma mimicking renal cell carcinoma—A rare case report and review of literature

Bladder paraganglioma — A report of two cases

The role of 3-dimensional sonography and virtual sonographic cystscopy in detection of bladder tumors

Burden and seasonality of testicular torsion in tropical Africa: Analysis of incident cases in a Nigerian community

Laser enucleation of the prostate: Overview of our results after the first 18 months of acquisition

Knowledge and prevalence of use of saw palmetto and other herbal products among men with prostate disease in Trinidad and Tobago

Successful penile reimplantation and systematic review of world literature

First urology simulation boot camp in the United Kingdom

Active surveillance for prostate cancer: Is it ready for primetime in the Caribbean?

Bhat’s modifications of Glassberg–Duckett repair to reduce complications in management severe hypospadias with curvature

Management of the exstrophy-epispadias complex in adolescents and adults

Comparison of the pre-treatment testosterone levels in benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer patients

Prevalence of clinical benign prostatic hyperplasia amongst community-dwelling men in a South-Western Nigerian rural setting: A cross-sectional study

The effect on the sensitivities of PSA and PSA-age volume score of IPSS and nocturia in predicting positive prostate biopsy findings

ETS-1 oncoprotein expression is decreased in aggressive papillary transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder: An immunohistochemical study

To study the relationship between cadmium, zinc and mtDNA copy number in North Indian patients suffering from prostate cancer: A case control study

Over-expression of β-catenin is associated with high grade of prostatic cancer in Libyan patients

An unusual presentation of advanced prostate cancer in a 56-year old Nigerian

A rare case of synchronous association of chromophobe renal cell carcinoma with urothelial carcinoma of urinary bladder

Tamsulosin therapy improved the outcome of ureterorenoscopy for lower ureteral stones: A prospective, randomised, controlled, clinical trial

Ileum neovaginoplasty for Mayer–Rokitansky–Küster–Hauser: Review and case series

Clinical, cultural and psychosocial impediments to self reporting of erectile dysfunction by men in Edo state, Nigeria

Antimicrobial susceptibility profile of community-acquired urinary tract infection in adults: A seven months prospective cross-sectional study in Dakar Town, Senegal

A near-fatal case of emphysematous pyelonephritis: Embracing the new management ‘gold standard’ – Saving the life while saving the kidney!

Penile gangrene in a HIV patient

Large renal calculus and ipsilateral flank (incisional) hernia: Perhaps another indication for Mini PCNL?

Vesicoureteral reflux: A historical perspective

Retrocaval ureter with vesicoureteric reflux, a very rare entity

Significance and clinical value of the transitional zone volume (TZV) or index (TZI) in assessing the degree of lower urinary tract obstruction: Revisited

The role of the percentage free PSA in the diagnosis of prostate cancer in Blacks: Findings in indigenous West African men using TRUS guided biopsy

Facial nerve palsy as a primary presentation of advanced carcinoma of the prostate: An unusual occurrence

Late recurrent adrenocortical carcinoma presenting radiologically as a gastrointestinal stromal tumour: A case report

Impact of Tamsulosin, Tolterodine and drug-combination on the outcomes of lower urinary tract symptoms secondary to post-ureteroscopy ureteral stent: A prospective randomized controlled clinical study

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