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Kyste hydatique du rein chez l’enfant: à proposde 8 cas

Complications urologiques de la chirurgie pelvienne au CHU Aristide Le Dantec de Dakar

Hydronéphrose géante sur rein ectopique pelvien révélée par un syndrome occlusif: Cas rare.

The issue of ventral versus dorsal approach in bulbar urethral reconstruction

Photodynamic diagnosis of bladder cancer:Initial experience of a single UK centre

Disintegrating perineal disease: A variant of watering-can perineum

Simplified percutaneous large bore suprapubic cystostomy for acute urinary retention—A cost saving procedure

Assessment of testicular volume: A comparison of fertile and sub-fertile West African men

Ureteritis cystica: A rare benign lesion

comEditorial comment on: “Ureteritis cystica: Arare benign lesion”

Cystic poorly differentiated nephroblastoma: A case report and review of literature

Cancer du testicule: particularités cliniques et limites thérapeutiques en milieu hospitalier urologique au Sénégal

Le drainage pelvien après adénometomie prostatique transvésicale reste-il indispensable?

Choriocarcinome gestationnel révélé par unemétastase rénale

Trois observations de néphrome mésoblastique avant l’âge de 6 mois

comMétastase orbitaire d’un adénocarcinomeprostatique: à propos d’un cas

Current minimally invasive and endourological therapy inpediatric nephrolithiasis

Editorial: African Journal of Urology:Continuing progress

Urethroplasty for male urethral strictures: Experience from a national teaching hospital in Senegal

Deferred endoscopic urethral realignment:Role in management of traumatic posterior urethral disruption

Conservative management of emphysematous pyelonephritis in a horseshoe kidney

Herlyn Werner Wunderlich syndrome: A case of obstructed hemivagina with ipsilateral renal agenesis (OHVIRAsyndrome) and didelphic uterus

Primary urachal adenocarcinoma: A case report

Vesicovaginal fistula, bladder calculus, retained foreign body or all of the above? The unusual presentation of a female with total urinary incontinence

Female circumcision in non-Muslim females in Africa

Uretere Retrocave: Deux Nouvelles Observations à L’hopital Du Point G A Bamako

Epispadias pénien:à propos d’un cas

Pediatric urinary incontinence: Classification, evaluation, and management

Efficacy of shock wave lithotripsy in management of kidney stones in infants

Diversity and antibiotic resistance of uropathogenic bacteria from Abidjan

Renal cell carcinoma as a cause of iron deficiency anemia

Testicular tuberculosis in an HIV positive patient mimicking malignancy: A case report

Fibroepithelial polyps of the urethra in infants: A report of three cases

Multiple Echinococcosis with an unusual location in the spermatic cord treated successfully by Albendazole: A case report

Maladie de Lapeyronie: Aspects cliniques et thérapeutiques à propos de 17 cas

Drainage percutané de l’abcès du psoas: Notre expérience et revue de la littérature. Percutaneous drainage of psoas abscess. Our experience and literature review

Sous type rare du cancer de prostate: Le carcinome sarcomatoide

L’exstrophie vésicale chez l’adulte: A propos de 5 cas

Urètrocèle post-traumatique chez l’homme: A propos de 2 cas

Psychosocial and sexual aspects of female circumcision

Debunking myths about female circumcision

International efforts on abandoning female genital mutilation

Review: Medicalization of female genital mutilation/cutting

Fundamentals of bladder tissue engineering

The outcome of open renal stone surgery calls for limitation of its use: A single institution experience

Testis sparing surgery for Leydig cell tumors: New three cases and review of the current literature

Ultrasound measurements of testicular volume: Comparing the three common formulas with the true testicular volume determined by water displacement

Short communication Combined use of Mathieu and incised plate technique (Snodgrass technique) for repair of distal hypospadias in

Combined use of Mathieu and incised plate technique (Snodgrass technique) for repair of distal hypospadias in older children

Case report Post TURP obliterative urethral stricture: Unusual presentation and favourable result

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