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Prolonged use of indwelling urinary catheter following acute urinary retention in a tertiary care centre in sub-Saharan Africa: Causes, costs and concerns

Long term complications after radical cystoprostatectomy with orthotopic diversion in male patients: Preliminary experience

Continent cutaneous diversion for bladder exstrophy in adults

Case report Bladder exstrophy associated with complete urethral duplication: Bladder can be augmented with dorsal urethral mucosa

La nephrolithotomie sur rein unique: a propos de vingt cas

Le mégauretère primitif de type obstructif : stratégies thérapeutiques à propos de 30 cas

Malformative diseases of the urachus: About 12 cases collected in a pediatric surgical center of Aristide Le Dantec Hospital in Dakar, Senegal

Utility of 16-multidetector CT angiography in the preoperative evaluation of vascular and ureteral anatomy of donor nephrectomy

Factors affecting lower calyceal stone clearance after Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

Short communication Post-TURP obliterative urethral stricture: Unusual treatment and favourable result

Outcome of the TURP-TUVP sandwich procedure for minimally invasive surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia with volume larger than 40cc over a 4-year period in Nigeria

“Close-loop” urethral obstruction: Clinico-radiological features and management consideration in a resource-constraint environment

Penile hair coil strangulation of the child

Prostate cancer and chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Renal mass with central stellate scar on imaging: What is your diagnosis?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia presenting with profound hypoglycemia: a case report

Summary of recent AUA guidelines for the management ofvesicoureteral reflux in children

Detrusor wall thickness compared to other non-invasivemethods in diagnosing men with bladder outletobstruction: A prospective controlled study

Knowledge, attitudes and practices of Ugandan men regarding prostate cancer

Ameliorative potential of gemfibrozil and silymarin onexperimentally induced nephrotoxicity in rats

Success of electromagnetic shock wave lithotripter asmonotherapy in large renal calculi—Our experience

Percutaneous nephrolithotripsy under assisted localanaesthesia for high risk patients: Is it effective?

Ureteral switch for bilateral ureteropelvic junction obstruction in a case of Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome

Spontaneous calyceal rupture caused by a ureteral calculus

Congenital right sided ureteropelvic junction obstructionin right crossed fused ectopia with extrarenal calycesmasquerading as massive retroperitoneal urinoma in acase of blunt trauma abdomen: A diagnostic enigma andnovel approach of management

Traumatic urethrocutaneous fistula: Case report andliterature review

Right paratesticular abscess mimicking neonatal testiculartorsion and caused by Proteus mirabilis

La chirurgie conservatrice dans le cancer du rein

Les traumatismes fermés du rein: Notre expérience dansla prise en charge thérapeutique

Le ganglioneurome rétropéritonéal: À propos de 5 cas et revue de la littérature

Editorial: Female genital cutting/mutilation in Africa deserves special concern: An overview

Editorial: The Islamic view on female circumcision

Editorial: The Jewish and Christian view on female genital mutilation

Review: Female genital mutilation: A tragedy for women’sreproductive health

Female genital mutilation: Tradition versus human rights

The continuing challenge of female genital mutilation in Sudan

Evaluation of tissue and urinary survivin expression in non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer

Toxic catheters and urethral strictures: A concern about types of catheters used in resource-poor countries

Magnified and non magnified subinguinal varicocelectomy in infertile and/or symptomatic men: A comparative study of the outcome

Short communication: Ureterocystoplasty using the lower pole ureter of a duplex kidney with preservation of ipsilateral renal function

Socio-demographic correlates of psychological distress among male patients with infertility in Zaria, Nigeria

Syndrome de la persistance des canaux de Muller

Le syndrome de Fraley symptomatique: A propos d’une observation

Giant adrenal pseudocyst, about a new case report

The value of unenhanced multi-detector computed tomography versus three-dimensional ultrasound in evaluating patients with impaired renal function and hematuria

Martius flap and anterior vaginal wall sling for correction of urethrovaginal fistula (UVF) associated with stress urinary incontinence (SUI) after vaginal delivery

Extraordinary large primary retroperitoneal cystic teratoma: An extremely rare neoplasm

Score de Gleason des biopsies prostatiques et celui des pièces de prostatectomies: Quelle corrélation?

Review Article: Practical Aspects of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome in Clinical Urology

A comparison of non-contrast CT and intravenous urography in the diagnosis of urolithiasis and obstruction

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