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Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research

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Certain Red Blood Cell Indices of Maternal and Umbilical Cord Blood in Owerri, Nigeria: A Preliminary Report.

Prevalence and Analysis of Factors Related to Occurrence of Pulp Stone in Adult Restorative Patients

Survey of Women's Opinions on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Southeast Nigeria: Study of Patients Attending Antenatal Clinic

Histochemical Studies of the Effects of Monosodium Glutamate on the Liver of Adult Wistar Rats

Knowledge and Perception of Menopause and Climacteric Symptoms among a Population of Women in Enugu, South East, Nigeria

Histological Studies of the Effects of Monosodium Glutamate on the Ovaries of Adult Wistar Rats

Neonatal Malaria in the Gambia

Evaluation of the Analgesic Activity of the Methanolic Stem Bark Extract of Dialium Guineense (Wild)

Prevalence and Distribution of Neurological Disease in a Neurology Clinic in Enugu, Nigeria

Zinc Concentration during Pregnancy and Lactation in Enugu, South-East Nigeria

Five-year Survey of Caesarean Delivery at a Nigerian Tertiary Hospital

Assessment of Iron Content of Breast Milk in Preterm and Term Mothers in Enugu Urban

Pre-operative Anaesthesia visit: Problems and Prospects in a University Teaching Hospital in Enugu, South East Nigeria

A Retrospective Evaluation of the Class of Malocclusion amongst Orthodontic Patients at the University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu, Nigeria

Multiple Sclerosis in a Nigerian Alcoholic Male: A Case Report from Enugu, South East Nigeria

Experimental Studies on the Hypolipidemic and Haematological Properties of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Cleistopholis Patens Benth. & Diels. (Annonacae) in Hypercholesterolemic Rats

Oxidative Stress and Glycaemic Control in Type 2 Diabetic Patients in Enugu, South-East Nigeria

Primary Breast Tuberculosis Presenting as a Lump: A Rare Modern Disease

Splenic Tuberculosis Presenting as Ascites in Immunocompetant Patient

Asyndromic Bilateral Transverse Facial Cleft

A Rare Case of Zosteriform Cutaneous Metastases from Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Hard Palate

Role of Botox in Efficient Muscle Relaxation and Treatment Outcome: An Overview

Author’s Response

Assessment of Mild Cognitive Impairment with Mini Mental State Examination Among Adults in Southeast Nigeria

Profile of Microvascular Disease in Type 2 Diabetes in a Tertiary Health Care Hospital in India

Prevalence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission among Transfused Children with Sickle Cell Anemia in Enugu Nigeria

Knowledge and Practice of Pulp Therapy in Deciduous Teeth among General Dental Practitioners in Saudi Arabia

Can Metabolic Factors be used Prognostically for Short‑Term Mortality in HIV‑Infected Patients?

Survey of the Reasons for Dental Extraction inEastern Nigeria

Evaluation of Antiulcer Properties of Ethanolic and Hot Aqueous Stem Extracts of Synclisia scabrida on Experimentally Induced Ulcer Models in Albino Mice

The Impact of A “Brief ECT Orientation Module” on The Knowledge and Attitudes of Medical Students Towards ECT in India

Electromagnetic Energy Radiated from Mobile Phone Alters Electrocardiographic Records of Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease

Interactions of Rosiglitazone and Anti‑Arrhythmic Drugs in Animal Model

Nigerian Clinical Level Medical Students’ Knowledge of Dental Specialty

Effects of Aerobic Exercise Training on Psychosocial Status and Serum Uric Acid in Men with Essential Hypertension: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Pattern and Determinants of Antenatal Booking at Abakaliki Southeast Nigeria

Stillbirth Rate in a Teaching Hospital in South‑Eastern Nigeria: A Silent Tragedy

Diagnosis, Prevention and Management of Postoperative Pulmonary Edema

Ischemic Stroke and Neuroprotection

Efflux Pump‑Mediated Resistance in Chemotherapy

A Rare Case of Inherited Factor‑II Deficiency Causing Life‑Threatening Menorrhagia

Locked Twins: A Rarity

Triorchidism with Torsion

Postoperative Adhesive Intestinal Obstruction from Gossypiboma

An Unusual Case of Foreign Body Aspiration in an Infant

Conventional Microscopy Versus Molecular and Immunological Methods in the Diagnosis of Amoebiasis

Hot Hypertonic Saline and Compression Device: A Novel Approach in Preventing Severe Hemorrhage during Extirpation of Deep Vascular Malformations of the Face

Depression in Patients with Epilepsy: A Study from Enugu, South East Nigeria

Limitations of Activities in Patients with Musculoskeletal Disorders

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