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Accord Occasional Paper

Accord Occasional Paper

Southern African anchor state : a renewed strategic commitment to South African conflict management as a central function of smart power

Perpetuation of instability in the Democratic Republic of the Congo : when the Kivus sneeze, Kinshasa catches a cold

Mediating a convoluted conflict : South Africa's approach to the inter-party negotiations in Zimbabwe

Justice and peacebuilding in post-conflict situations : an argument for including gender analysis in a new post-conflict model

Being similar, different, and coexistent

A pocket of stability : understanding Somaliland

The complexity of applying UN Resolution 1325 in post conflict reintegration processes : the case of Northern Uganda

Dangers of splitting a fragile rentier state : getting it right in Southern Sudan

Security sector reform in Africa : the promise and the practice of a new donor approach

Peacebuilding coordination in African countries : transitioning from conflict

Women transforming conflicts in Africa : descriptive studies from Burundi, Côte d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Sudan

South Africa's peacekeeping role in Burundi : challenges and opportunities for future peace missions

Political leaders in Africa : presidents, patrons or profiteers?

The nativist revolution and development conundrums in Zimbabwe

The Next Gulf? Oil Politics, Environmental Apocalypse and Rising Tension in the Niger Delta

Privatisation of Security and Military functions and the Demise of the Modern Nation-State in Africa

Media graduation from potential to actual power in Africa's conflict resolution : experience from the East and Horn of Africa

Namibia elections and conflict management

Is Botswana advancing or regressing in its democracy?

A gender perspective for conflict management

The training of civilian specialists for united operations - a report of the seminar on civilian peacekeeping

The United Nations in Sierra Leone : tracing steps to a stumbling peace

Establishing the credibility of a regional peacekeeping capability

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