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African Sociological Review

Thinking otherwise: theorizing the colonial/modern gender system in Africa

The origins of the feminist movement in Senegal: A social history of the pioneering Yewwu-Yewwi

Vulnerability and resilience of female farmers in Oku, Cameroon, to Climate Change

Morphologie du quotidien, souffrance sociale et parcours individuels au Cameroun: la mort de Monique Koumatekel, un problème social ?

The impact of gender and residential background on racial integration: evidence from a South African university

Elèves-mères et rationalité de la sexualité et de la maternité à l’Ouest-Cameroun

Participants’ evaluation of the land reform programme in Rwanda’s Southern Province


Postcolonial debates in Germany – An Overview

Women and Liberal Peacebuilding in Post- Conflict Northern Uganda: community social work agenda revisited?

Rural-Urban Disparities in Health and Health Care in Africa: Cultural Competence, Lay-beliefs in Narratives of Diabetes among the Rural Poor in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

Gender Revolution Prospects in Nigeria: Implications for Marriage Timing and Fertility

Party identification and service delivery protests in the Eastern Cape and Northern Cape, South Africa

The Social Act of Exchange in Power Relations: The study of the Phenomenon of Nichekeleko at the Weighbridges in Zambia.

Non-meritocratic Factors and the Recruitment Process in Oyo State Civil Service, Nigeria

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’: Challenges facing institutional transformation of historically white South African universities

Reality Checks: The state of civil society organizations in Ethiopia

Family Structure and Children’s Schooling in sub-Saharan Africa

Work reorganisation and technological change: limits of trade union strategy and action at ArcelorMittal, Vanderbijlpark

Employment status, medical support and Income as significant factors in Access to Essential Medicines

Reconstruire une « cité métisse ». Migrations européennes, économie touristique et impasses de la valorisation culturelle du patrimoine saint-louisien (Sénégal).

Privatisation de la sécurité et gouvernance démocratique au Cameroun

A review of youth violence theories: developing interventions to promote sustainable peace in Ilorin, Nigeria

Re-conceptualizing the impact of development on childcare: the Volta River Project and the child survival challenge in Dzemeni

La participation citoyenne en contexte local au Cameroun. Entre demande de légitimité, efficacité versatile et tensions politiciennes

Corporate social responsibility and workers’ well-being in Nigerian banks

A qualitative application of Amartya Sen’s ‘development as freedom’ theory to an understanding of social grants in South Africa

A case for ‘prevailing ecology’ as premium determinant in home-based child care conceptualisation and measurements

Une histoire particulière de la mondialisation : Technique, travail et industrialisation de la noix de cajou au Mozambique

Gender issues in human trafficking in Edo State, Nigeria

Joint ownership of family land in Uganda: Examining the responses, challenges and policy implications

L’embouteillage dans Les Grandes Villes de L’Afrique de L’ouest et ses Problemes : Cas de Cotonou au Benin

Gender and corruption in Nigerian politics

Militantisme Politique et Entrepreneuriat :: relations de dépendance et enjeux dans le contexte Camerounais

Capital accumulation, social reproduction and social struggle: rethinking the function of spatial planning and land use

Between the Clinic and the Community: Temporality and Patterns of ART Adherence in the Western Cape Province, South Africa

Holistic Development: Muslim Women’s Civil Society Groups in Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania

La contribution des jeunes à l’alternance politique au Sénégal : Le rôle de Bul faale et de Y’en a marre

Health Inequality in South Africa: A Systematic Review

The socio-economic well-being of internal migrants in Agbogbloshie, Ghana

Successful ageing amongst elderly women living independently in central areas Of Pretoria, South Africa

Ndorobo Notions of Relationship with Other

Strengthening Peace Research and Peace Education in African Universities

Recreating African Futures through literary imagination. The newest gender, racial, national and African identities as revealed in Mario Lúcio Sousa’s O Novíssimo Testamento (The newest Testament) (Cape Verde)

Family Structure, Race, Gender and Poverty: The Case of Food Deprivation in South Africa

Knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Diseases among Secondary School Adolescents in Asa Local Government Area of Kwara State Nigeria

Les Jeux Video en Negroculture : Contribution a Une Anthropologie de La Solidarite Chez Les Jeunes du Cameroun

Workplace Hazards and Social Positioning Efforts of Male Adolescent Labourers in Suburb Sawmills, Lagos State Nigeria

Cuban heritage in Africa: Deported Ñáñigos to Fernando Po in the 19th century

Essential Medicines in Nigeria: Foregrounding Access to Affordable Essential Medicines

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