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Acta Theologica

Acta Theologica

The reception of Apphia in the fourth and fifth centuries C.E.

Christian prisoners: fifth and sixth century inscriptions from Corinth

Beyond “two source theory” and “sola scriptura”: ecumenical perspectives on scripture and tradition

Together towards new life for missiology? Mission and missiology in the light of the world council of churches 2013 policy statement

’N narratiewe teologiese verkenning van negatiewe koronêre vatomleidingsoperasieuitkomste: ’n chirurgiese hermeneutiek

The vision of divine light in Saint Gregory Palamas’s theology

Religions as a source of (dis)order

Transformation, theology and the public university in South Africa

Book Review: Prophet from the South: Essays in honour of Allan Aubrey Boesak

Book Review: Identity-driven churches: Who are we and where are we going?

Book Review: Teologie van die Koninkryk: Studies in Dogmatiek en Etiek

Interview with Professor Philippe Denis

A cognitive semantic approach to Redeemer (Gō’ēl) in Deutero Isaiah

Ministry to the congregation according to the letter to the Ephesians

An interpretation map: Finding paths to reading processes

In search of the original text in Mark 9:38

“Divided against itself”? Individual maxims and the redaction of Q

Women on leadership? Perspectives from postgraduate theology students through the lenses of social identity

Mission to people of other faiths in the Old Testament and Eldoret, Kenya: Some reflections for engaging Muslims within their context

The misnomers of spiritual ‘directing’ and ‘coaching’

Naboth’s vineyard: Theological lessons for the South African land issue

Sexual abuse of children as a form of power abuse and abuse of the body

Theology and philosophy within Radical Orthodoxy (Milbank) and Reformational Philosophy (Dooyeweerd)

Preaching and cartooning: An exploration of the processes involved in developing a sermon and a newspaper cartoon

The priests and the descendants of Levi in the Book of Malachi

Book Reviews

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Methodology

Chapter 3: Contextual survey of John 9

Chapter 4: Speech act reading of John 9

Appendix 1: Diagrams of taxonomy of speech acts

Appendix 2: Diagram of interpersonal and textual rhetorics: full version

Appendix 3: The analytical outline for ironic speech acts: short version

Appendix 4: Structural analysis chart for John 9

Appendix 5: Diagram of speech acts used in John 9

Appendix 6: Chart of irony in John 9

An introduction to the exploration of congregations in South Africa: seeking significance

The utility of practical theology: mapping the domain, goals, strategies and criteria of practical theological research

Practice-oriented research in service of designing interventions

Survey research in practical theology and congregational studies

Exploring the practical theological study of congregations

Empirical research and congregational analysis: some methodological guidelines for the South African context

Identity and community in South African congregations

Reasons for the migration of church members from one congregation to another

Leadership in rural congregations and communities: an exploration in the North-Eastern Free State

An exploration of the use of technology by congregations

Onderhoud met Edwin Arrison

Hierarchy of truths revisited

The strange case of the patriarchs in Jeremiah 33:26

Mysticism and the reformation: a brief survey

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