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Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences

Model for the analysis of IPV4 and IPV6 protocols in ethernet network

Authors: Adamu Aminu, Kurah Anne

Journal: Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences

In this paper, a performance model was presented and some qualities of service (QoS) parameters were used to evaluate the performances of IPv4 and IPv6 protocols in Ethernet network. The QoS parameters used were throughput, end-to-end delay and packet loss. The packet loss was analyzed using iperf as measurement tool; the results of the analysis have shown that IPv4 incurred packet loss of about 12%, while IPv6 incurred almost 0% packet loss. For the analysis of the throughput and en-to-end delay, compacted formulas were presented for their computation and analysis conducted has shown that IPv4 outperforms the IPv6 in terms of throughput and end-to-end delay. Keywords : IPv4, IPv6, QoS, Throughput, Packet Loss, Delay.