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Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences

Acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity of a cyclitol isolated from the leaves of Bauhinia rufescens

Authors: Aminu Muhammad, Usman Dauda, Saidu Jibril, Hasnah Mohd Sirat

Journal: Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences

Bauhinia rufescens is a medicinal plant used in the treatment of mycosis, diarrhea and malaria. Leaves of B. rufescens were extracted with organic solvent in a gradient of petroleum ether, ethyl acetate and methanol. Silica gel column purification of methanol extract afforded the isolation of a cyclitol, identified as 3-O-methyl-D-inositol. The crude extracts and the isolated compound were evaluated for their anticholinesterase inhibitory activity using bioautographic and microplate techniques. The cyclitol demonstrated higher activity in the microplate assay relative to the crude extract with IC 50 value of 463.77 pH The Inhibitory activity exhibited by the cyclitol against acetylcholinesterase enzyme indicates its potential as a drug agent for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Keywords : Bauhinia rufescens , cyclitol, cholinesterase