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Non-specific cell-mediated immunity in Nigerian children with uncomplicated malaria

Authors: Ganiyu O Arinola, Emmanuel I Ugwuja, Lekan S Salimonu, Kayode S Adedapo, Adeyinka G Falusi

Journal: Biokemistri

Non-specific cellular immunity was determined in 59 Nigerian children aged between 1-9 years with uncomplicated malaria and 93 age-matched uninfected controls using percentage migration index (%M.I) and Mantoux tuberculin skin test. The mean %M.I (using malaria Pf 155 antigen) was significantly lower in malaria subjects compared with the controls (p Mycobacterium butyricum ) was significantly lower in children with uncomplicated malaria compared with the controls (p Key words: Migration index, uncomplicated malaria, children, immunity, Pf 155 Biokemistri Vol.17(1) 2005: 51-56