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Covenant Journal of Language Studies

Perspectivation in Nigeria’s Political Visual Communication: A Social Semiotic Analysis

The Oral Tradition as Index: The Leitmotif of Music in the African-American Literary Imagination

Reconstructing the Nigerian English Identity in Nigerian Literary Fiction: A Study of Chimamanda Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun and Purple Hibiscus

Le Balayeur Balaye: Le Revers de la Medaille de la Violence de l’oppression Domestiques dans L’Hibiscus Pourpre de Chimamanda Adichie

School Location as a Predictor of Achievement in Reading among Nigerian Learners of English as a Second Language


English in the Knowledge Economy: A Study of Mission Statements of Selected Micro-Finance Banks in Lagos State

Une déconstruction postcoloniale dans Le Christ Selon L’Afrique de Calixthe Beyala

Violence and Subordination: Reinforcing Voices of a Cohesive Vision in three Contemporary Nigerian Novels

Le cours de la rébellion : violence, sexualité et féminité dans Rebelle de Fatou Keïta

The “Ancestor” Figure in Langston Hughes’ Not Without Laughter: Anticipation of Feminist Theoretical Accounts in Male Representations

Stance and Positioning in Email Scams

Pragmatic Analysis of Conceptual Mappings in Inaugural Speeches of Nigerian Presidents

Analyse stylistique des éléments déictiques dans le discours inaugural du président français, Emmanuel Macron

Multilingualism and the New Language Policy in South Africa: Innovation and Challenges

Metaphoric Representations of Refugees in the Print Media Reports on the Bakassi Peninsula Border Conflict

The Patterns of Acquisition of Syntactic Regularities in Pre-Secondary School Second Language Learners of English

Pronunciation Difference between Public and Private Basic School Pupils in Ghana

Subverting the Patriarchal Narrative of the Female Character in the African Novel: A Feminist Reading of Amma Darko’s Novels

Théâtre et Ecologie : Etude de Gouverneur de la Rosee d’Abdou Anta Kâ

Cyber-Naija and Homegirls on the Web: Creating Place in Cyberspace

Problématique de la langue dans les littératures africaine et africaine-américaine

Translation: Reviewing the Role and Reach of Theories

Sapir-Whorf in Italy: Jhumpa Lahiri and Domenico Starnone

The River Between de Ngugi Wa Thiong’o: Une (ré)-écriture Littéraire des Croyances Mythico-religieuses des Kikuyus

Eco-conflict in Niyi Osundare’s Horses of Memory: An Interface between the Natural and the Built Environments

Les stratégies d'acquisition du vocabulaire du français langue étrangère dans les universités nigérianes

Une réflexion sur l’adaptation des emprunts de source Française en Baatɔnum

Texting and Relationship: Examining Discourse Strategies in Negotiating and Sustaining Relationships Using Mobile Phone

Juggling Words, Playing Sages: Proverbs and Wise Sayings in Ghanaian Student Pidgin

Les métaphores dans l’aventure ambigüe de Cheikh Hamidou Kane

A Discourse Analysis of Goodluck Jonathan’s Response to the Kidnapping of the Chibok Girls

Paragraph Intonation Patterns among Persian Speakers’ English Interlanguage: The Diversity of Paratones in Focus

A Lexico-Semantic Study of Culinary Terms in Nigerian English: the Question of Intelligibility Revisited

Le sous-titrage et le doublage des films au Nigéria: leurs implications pour le français.

Social Differentiation of Inter-word Yod Coalescence in Spoken Nigerian English

‘The man from Africa is on his way’: Styling in Nollywood Films

Eco-literacy and the Planetary Crisis: Nigerian Protest Drama and the Niger-Delta Dynamics

Notes sur les composants suffixés - logiste et - logue du français

Discourse Intonation

Tunisian Business Speakers’ Attitudes towards Code Switching in Business Companies

Variant Word Stress Patterns in the Spoken English of Selected Nigerian Teachers

The Phonological Sensibility of Nigerian Pre-Varsity English Speakers’ Activation of Heterophones and Pseudohomophones in Reading Comprehension

‘Third-Worlding’ the Colonial Metropolis: Post-Colonial Travelogue, Identity and a Tale of Two Cities in Odia Ofeimun’s London Letter and Other Poems

The Yoruba Language and Literature in the 21 st Century and Beyond

Ideological Discourse Analysis of the Functions of Feedback Comments on Online Reports of Socio-political Crises in Nigeria

Le Portrait des leaders africains par Kourouma dans en attendant le vote des betes sauvages

Diasporic Community of the Berber in France: Recreating Home and Harem from Exile in Azouz Begag’s Le Gone du chaâba and Ben Jelloun’s Les Yeux baissés

Comment faire une omelette sans casser des œufs : vers une psychopédagogie de l’erreur en français oral

West African English in Digital Discourse

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