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Contemporary Journal of African Studies

Reciprocity, Mutuality, and Shared Expectations: The Role of Informal Institutions in Social Protection in Africa

Financial Literacy in an African society: An essential tool for retirement planning

“Awww, we r sorry wai”: Pragmatic functions of L1 discourse markers in Ghanaians’ English-based WhatsApp conversations

Kwame Nkrumah, George Padmore and W.E.B. Du Bois

Book Review: Hip-hop in Africa: Prophets of the City and Dustyfoot Philosophers

In Conversation with Albert K Awedoba

In Conversation with Mjiba Frehiwot

Formation and Longevity of Network Relationship Practices of Ghanaian Traders Importing from China

“Did You See What Happened to the Market Women?” Legacies of Military Rule for Women’s Political Leadership in Ghana?

The Quest in the United Kingdom for African Unity, 1945-48

Evaluative Speech Acts of Ghanaian Graduate Students: A Case Study of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana

The Troubled Image of Africa in Shilia Kaaya’s Poetry

Akan Ananse Stories, Yorùbá Ìjàpá Tales, and the Dikènga Theory: Worldview and Structure

World War One in Africa: Implications on Christian Missions

Informalising the formal: The conditions of female agency workers in Ghana’s banking sector

Gender Stereotypes in Selected Igbo Proverbs

Land-Use Conflicts between Settler Farmers and Nomadic Fulani Herdsmen in the Kwahu North District, Ghana

Governance Practices in Africa

Book Review: Returned Exile: A Biography of George James Christian of Dominica and the Gold Coast, 1869-1940

In Memory of Professor Emerita Mary Esther Kropp Dakubu, 1938-2016

Civil Society and Democratic Governance in Ghana: Emerging Roles and Challenges

Positive Youth Development in War-Affected Children in Uganda

Imperial Presidency and the Neo-patrimonialization of Disorder in post-Authoritarian Nigeria

The Leadership/Education Nexus in the Development of Manya Krobo in Ghana 1939-1989. The Case of Oklemekuku Azzu Mate Kole

Traditional Earth Houses in Vittin, Tamale: Identity and perception of the tradition-modernity conflict.

The Trope of Apotheosis and Intimations of Self-Immolation: A Deconstructive Interpretation of Mother-Daughter Dynamics in Chika Unigwe’s Night Dancer

Of ‘prostitutes’ and ‘AIDS people’: Feminization of HIV and AIDS in South-eastern Ghana

Ethnographic Research, Local Power Brokers and the Political Reorganization of Colonial Ewedome, British Mandated Territory, 1914-1930s

The Semantic Values of AÐE and LA in Ewe

The Prophetic Statement in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart : A Textual Comparison

The Debate on the Use of Genetic Technology and Production of GM Foods in Ghana: Ethical Perspectives

Digital archives and Ghanaian history: Potential and challenges

‘Legon Day OF Prayer’: A Contested Religious Activity in the Academe

Creative Transformation in African Art Music: A Case Study #

Harnessing the Power of the Youth Through National Youth Policies in Ghana: Challenges to Notions of Empowerment

African Studies: Knowledge Production and Beyond

The notion of justice in Akan culture: How consequential is it?

Rinderpest and famine in the Eastern Bechuanaland Protectorate: The case of the Bangwato reserve

The Ghana National Association of Teachers under the Provisional National Defence Council, 1982-1991: Caught in a Warp of Cooperation and Unresolved Grievances?

Robert Kweku Atta Gardiner (1914-1994): An unrecognised Ghanaian Pan-Africanist Par-Excellence

Complement Clause Formation In Leteh

Transnationalism, Home and Identity in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s The Thing Around Your Neck

‘Our daily bread comes from rocks’: The livelihood struggles of children at a quarry in Pokuase, Ghana

Book Review: Medische Antropologie.

In Memory of my First Teacher in Sociology Professor John Maxwell Assimeng

Codeswitching as a means and a message in hiplife music in Ghana

Trust loss in Tanzanian Parastatal organisations: Causes and consequences to the governance mechanisms

British colonial administration, development of Islam and lslamic education in a non-Muslim society: The Benin division (Nigeria) experience 1897-1960.

The professor within the context of African Universities

Constructing the historicity of chieftaincy among the Nawuri of northern Ghana

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