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Discovery and Innovation

Discovery and Innovation

Review of Public Forestry Administrations and Related Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mainstreaming International Forestry Related Agreements at National Level

The Changing Forest Management Paradigm in Africa: A Case for Community Based Forest Management System

Lessons Learnt on Rain Forest Management for Wood Production in West and Central Africa

Plantation Forestry in Sub Saharan Africa: Silvicultural, Ecological and Economic Aspects

Forest Management for Non-Wood Forest Products and Services in Sub-Saharan Africa

Processing and Marketing of Non-wood Forest Products: Potential Impacts and Challenges in Africa

Development of Forestry in Sweden—Any lessons for Africa?

Justice in the Forest: Rural Livelihood and Forest Law Enforcement

Some Drivers of Change in Forest Conditions in Africa

A Comparative Study of The Economic Performance of Farmers Under Large Scale and Motorized Pump Irrigation Systems in Katsina State of Nigeria

Tillage and Farmyard Manure Effects on Crusting and Compacting Soils at Katumani, Semi-arid Kenya

Effect of Cultural Conditions on the Commercial Production of Polygalacturonase by Rhizoctonia bataticola

Estimation of Thermal Conductivity in the North-western Niger Delta Sedimentary Basin, Nigeria, Using Geophysical Well Logs

Determination of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) and Heavy Metals in Tilapia (Hemichromis spp.) and Mackerel (Scomber japonicus) in Lagos Markets

Chemical and Defoliation Effects on Fruitset of \"Cox orange\" and \"Elstar\" Apple Cultivars

Investigation to Determine Whether Delayed Toxicity Can be used to Predict Genotoxicity in vitro

Effect of Brief Exposure to Paraquat on Some Blood Parameters of Juvenile Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) under laboratory conditions

Effect of Seed Storage on Germination and Seedling Growth of Dacryodes edulis (Don. G. Lam H. J)

Management of Podrot, Oil Content, and Pod Weight of Benniseed in an Ultisols

Neuropharmacological Evaluation of Aridanin, a Glycoside Isolated from Tetrapleura tetraptera Fruit

Evaluation of Split Seeds of Telfairia occidentalis Hook. F. for Propagation

Speciation of Zinc Mixed Ligand Complexes in Salt Water Systems

Suitability of Modified Dilute Double Acid ÐMehlich 1 (0.1NHCL + 0.025NH2SO4) and Olsen (0.5MNaHCO3PH 8.5) Methods for Testing of Available Phosphorous for Kenyan Soils

Development of an Aqueous Palm Oil Extraction System

Comparative Evaluation of Some Crop Yield Prediction Models using Tropical Cowpea Yield-Weather Data

Histological Changes in the Kidney of Norwagian Rat ( Rattus norvegicus ) Fed with Dietary Cadmium

Suitability of Pistia stratiotes Linn. and Spirodela polyrrhiza Trev. for the Removal of Pollutants in Oil Polluted Water Bodies

Analysis of Geographic Variation among Sixteen African Provenances of Faidherbia albida using PCRBased ITS And RAPD Techniques

Foundation Construction in a Reclaimed Marginal Land: A Case Study

Economic Reforms and Cost Efficiency of Coffee Farmers in Central Kenya: A Stochastic-Translog Approach

Common Nearly Best Linear Estimates of Location and Scale Parameters: Normal and Logistic Distributions

Transition from Brittle Failure to Ductile Flow in a Sandy Soil

Effect of Grazing on Forage Quality and Quantity for Ungulates of The Borgu Sector of the Kainji Lake National Park, Nigeria.

Flow Routing in River Yala Using the Muskingum Technique

Factors Affecting Agroforestry Sustainability in Bee Endemic Parts of South Eastern Nigeria.

Optical Properties of Chemical Bath Deposited Bismuth Fluoride (Bif 3 ) Thin Films

A Statistical Model for Seasonal Rainfall Forecasting over the Highlands of Eritrea

Effects of Amendment of Agricultural Bye Products with Animal Manures on Soil Chemical Properties and Yield of Amaranthus in South Western Nigeria

Classroom: Models Made from Local Materials for Teaching Plant and Animal Cells and Solar System

Book Review: Agricultural R & D in Developing World

Estimating total elements in floodplain soils in Nigeria from their exchangeable/ extractable forms

Survey of edible mushrooms of the Miombo woodlands through economic incentives in two village of Tanzania

Potentiostatic and potentiodynamic X-ray diffraction studies of silver UPD on AU (111) electrode from sulphate and acetate supporting electrolytes

Using the morphological chart technique for the design of polymeric-based composite automotive pedals

Growth of some microorganisms on media formulated from local raw materials

Effect of sole and amended plant residues on soil nutrient contents and yield Okra( Abelmoschus esculentum )

Wife-beating among the Abagusero community in Kissi district, Kenya

Building scientific capacity in Sub-Saharan africa: Form despair to hope

A stochastic rainfall data generator based of Markov chain

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