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Discovery and Innovation

Optical Properties of Chemical Bath Deposited Bismuth Fluoride (Bif 3 ) Thin Films

Authors: FI Ezema, MN Nnabuchi

Journal: Discovery and Innovation

Thin films of bismuth fluoride (Bif 3 ) were deposited using chemical bath deposition technique from chemical baths containing solutions of bismuth nitrate (EDTA) and potassium bromide with EDTA as complexing agent in slightly acidic medium. The films were characterized using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, and spectrophotometer. The spectral analysis reveals that some of the films were found to have high absorbance in UV regions while transmitting highly in the VIS Ð NIR regions. Some of the films absorb poorly throughout the UV Ð VIS Ð NIR regions and transmit highly in the same. These properties make them good materials for poultry protection and warming coatings, thermal control and anti-reflection coatings. Keywords : Bismuth fluoride (Bif 3 ) thin films, optical properties , chemical bath, infrared rays, absorption reflection, warming coating, thermal control Discovery and Innovation Vol. 19 (1) 2007: pp. 33-36