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Damanhour Journal of Veterinary Sciences

Damanhour Journal of Veterinary Sciences

Prevalence of multidrug resistant Avibacterium paragallinarum in chickens

Potentiality of oregano essential oils as a growth modulator, immune enhancer and natural antioxidative in mite infested Newzealand white rabbits

Monitoring of early embryonic death associated growth factors as insulin like growth factors binding proteins (ILGFBP) 1-4 and Cytokines in dairy cattle

Assessing the use of chitosan and nano-chitosan for prolonging the shelf life of fresh tilapia fish

Prevalence of multidrug-resistant Listeria monocytogenes in retailed goat meat and offal

Protective Effect of Yucca Schidigera Extract Against Lead Induced-Toxicity in NewZealand Male Rabbits

Monitoring some pyrethroid pesticides residues in raw cow’s and buffalo’s milk

Comparative pilot study of radiography and computed tomography for the thorax of Shirazi cat

Prevalence of multidrug resistant Salmonella Typhimurium in retailed buffalo meat and offal with a reduction trial using rosemary and olive oils

The Effect of Clindamycin Oral Administration on Some Immunological and Biochemical Parameters of Newcastle Vaccinated Broilers

In Vitro evaluation of antimicrobial activity of Lactobacillus acidophilus against some pathogens

Molecular characterization of listeria monocytogenes isolated from raw milk and some dairy products at local markets in Damanhour city, Egypt

A survey of some zoonotic diseases in cattle slaughtered at local abattoir, Behera Governorate

Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinase 9 in Oreochromis Niloticus Fish and Its Active Role in Initiation and Resolution of Ammonia

Prevalence of Listeriosis in some farm animals

Effect of some organic acids on microbial quality of dressed cattle carcasses in Damietta abattoirs, Egypt.

Monitoring of some toxic heavy metals in raw milk and effect of heating on metal load of milk

Escherichia Coli associated with Environmental Mastitis in Sheep and Goats Farms: Probable Sources, antibiogram profile and Molecular characterization

Hygienic status of raw milk adulterated with added water in El-Beheira governorate

Effect of iron oxide nanoparticles and quercetin on rat body weight and brain iron content

Effects of aqueous extract of Aloe vera leaves on performance, hematological and cecal histological parameters in commercial broiler chickens.

Microbiological quality of luncheon meat in Beheira governorate markets and restaurants

Hygienic Studies on Microbial Causes of Abortion in Sheep

Prevalence of some enteric protozoa in humans in Behera Governorate

Protective effect of Nigella sativa oil against hepatotoxicity induced by Emamectine benzoate in rats

Assessment of Microbiological Quality of Imported Broiler Chicken Carcasses Retailed for Sale in Al Beida City, Libya

Dietary Propolis Supplement Improves Semen Characteristics in Egyptian Buffaloes

Impact of Phytogenic Feed Additive on Some Hatching Parameters of Broiler Breeders Eggs

Molecular Identification of Certain Virulence Genes of Some Food Poisoning Bacteria Contaminating Raw Milk

Serological and Molecular Epidemiological Study on Brucellosis in Camels and Human in Matrouh Province

Clinicopathological effects of diclazuril prophylaxis and treatment on rabbits experimentally infected with Eimeria stiedae

Microbiological study on Listeria species isolated from some food products of animal origin

Effect of acute and chronic administration of gold nanospheres on behavioral changes and body weight in male albino rats

Evaluation of Freshness of Some Imported Marine Fish Species Retailed for Sale in Al Beida City, Libya

Biochemical alterations in serum biomarkers of nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) exposed to sodium sulphate and spirilina platensis

Corn Silk Extract attenuates Acetaminophen-induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats

Efficacy of Dietary Bioorgano Supplementation with Inclusion of Q Z Toss™ on Nile Tilapia

Susceptibility of Japanese Quail and Chickens to Infection with Newcastle disease Virus Genotype VIId

Strain variation to cold stress in growth performance, carcass traits, hematological, blood biochemical parameters and antioxidant enzymes in broilers

Influence of two dietary prebiotic oligosaccharides supplementation on productive performance and carcass traits with special attention to their biochemical alterations in two rabbit breeds

Chlorella Vulgaris Extract protects against Sodium Nitrite Toxicity in Male Rats

Economic Evaluation of Using Dried Brewer's yeast as Feed Additives for two Broiler Breeds

Efficacy of Dietary Probiotic Supplementation with Inclusion of Q Z Toss™ on Nile Tilapia

Ultrasound-guided inferior alveolar nerve block in donkeys

The effect of intravenous administration of propofol, thiopental, or propofol plus thiopental mixture in dogs undergoing experimentally liver insufficiency

Studies on nutritional deficiency in cows in El-Behera province

Efficacy of Dietary Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Supplementation with Inclusion of Q Z Toss™ on Nile Tilapia

The role of Moringa oleifera aqueous roots extract on haemopoiesis in chicken

Evaluation of the in vitro and in vivo inhibitory effects of quercetin on the growth of Babesia and Theileria parasites

Effects of rice gluten meal inclusion on productive and economic performance in broilers

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