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East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal

Influence of irrigation and nitrogen fertiliser on maize growth, nitrogen uptake and yield in a semi-arid Kenyan environment

Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus fertiliser on growth and yield of ironweed ( Vernonia galamesis )

Inorganic resources management for sustainable soil productivity

Impact of soil fertility management strategies on diversity and populations of soil macrofauna in an agroecosystem

Effectiveness of the Wofost simulation model to predict maize yield gaps on the Eastern Slopes of Mt Kenya

Effects of rates of inorganic and organic fertilizers on Desmodium uncinatum nodulation, dry matter and seed yields on phosphorus and nitrogen deficient soils

Assessing the interaction in maize cropping density, nitrogen, and soil moisture with a systems simulator in semi-arid Machakos District, Kenya

Line-planted trees and phosphorus effects on maize water use in sub-humid Western Kenya

Effect of phosphorus fertilisation on legume nodule formation and biomass production in Mount Kenya Region

Adoption of rock phosphate-fortified compost manure in Western Kenya: A farmers' perception

Utilisation of zinc from zinc fertiliser bands: Effect of concentrations of zinc in Zinc chloride and Zinc-EDTA fertiliser bands on root growth and zinc uptake by wheat

The development and implementation of the catchment approach for soil and water conservation in some districts of the Upper Rift Valley region, Kenya

Effect of topography on soil erodibility in Kakuuto micro-catchment, Uganda

Emergence of forage legume seedlings influenced by water potential and soil strength

Integrating farmers' and scientists' knowledge in participatory soil mapping and management: A case study from semi-arid Eastern Kenya

Use of herbaceous legumes for improving soil fertility and crop yield in maize cassava cropping system

Effect of manures composted with high quality organic residues on dry matter accumulation, nitrogen-uptake and maize grain yield

The role of agroforestry trees in intercepting leached nitrogen in the agricultural systems of the Central Highlands of Kenya

Effects of minjingu phosphate rock and triple super phosphate as phosphorus sources for maize and groundnut in semi-arid lands of Central Tanzania

Effect of organic and inorganic fertilisers on maize and traditional vegetable yields in Kisii Highlands

Influence of age on fibre and chemical characteristics of plantation crop of Bamboo

Identification of high energy sorghums by combing ablity studies

Evaluation of nutritive value and some functional properties of Kerstings groundnut seeds for optimum utilisation as a food and feed resource

The effects of Accel and Carbryl on fruit set and fruit quality of three apple cultivars

Comparison of two processing methods for pigeon ( Cajanus cajan ) pea seeds as protein source for broiler starters

Yield and storage quality of improved sweetpotato cultivars in the Lake Victoria basin, Kenya

A comparative study of the soils of the upper coal measure residua under cropped-grass-forest land continuum in eastern Nigeria

Effect of varying levels of palm oil sludge in broiler finisher rations

The bulbing process in onion in response to nitrogen nutrition

Provenance selection of Eucalyptus microtheca for afforestation in arid and semi-arid areas

Genetic structure and population diversity of mummy berry ( Monilinia ) collections from the United States of Ameria and Canada

The organic matter, nitrogen and phosporus status of manure on smallholders' farms in central Kenya

Prevalence of bovine abortion in selected areas of central Uganda

Selection intensity and generation interval in a flock of Yankasa sheep

Pre-tillage control of spear grass ( Imperata cylindrzca [L.] Raeuschel) with Glypnosate for soya bean ( Glycine max [L.] Merr.) production in Nigeria

Soil chemical properties, sunflower growth and yields as affected by double digging, mulch and compost in central Kenya

Wheat ( Triticum aestivum L) response to manganese in a sand culture

Sorption and desorption behaviour of slender, medium and short-bold varieties of rice and their related properties

Effect of poultry waste and grain sorghum supplements on utilisation of range hay by Small East African Goats

Effect of nitrogen on leaf size and anatomy in onion ( Allium cepa L.)

On-farm diagnosis and treatment of Taenia saginata (bovine) cysticercosis

Distribution, incidence and management of Phaeoramularia fruit and leaf spot of citrus with special reference to western Kenya

Comparison of Colletotrichum orbiculare and several allied Colletotrichum species for mTDNA RFLPs, vegetative compatibility and pathogenicity on cucurbit differentials

Effect of grases and legumes on soil chemical properties in central Kenya

Macrophomina root rot of citrus in Kenya

Feeding sorghum silage and pyrethrum marc for sustained growth of Boran steers

Occurrence and developmental expression of a nuclear gene in wild barley ( Hordeum bulbosum L.)

Soil moisture retention characteristics in relation to erodibility and texture of some soils of southeastern Nigeria

Effects of stocking density on the growth of Cryptomeria japonica don. Sugi at Kimakia forest, Kenya

Amending traditional crop management practices to accord with pronounced seasonal rainfall variability in south-central Uganda

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