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East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights

East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights

Separating The Baby From The Bath Water: Women\'s Rights And The Politics Of Constitution-Making In Kenya

Access To Information, Gender Participation And Good Governance In Uganda

Regression On The Right To Health: The Question Of Access To Antiretrovirals (ARVs) In Uganda

African States And The Right To Freedom From Torture: An International Perspective

Globalization nonsense upon stilts? Reflections on the globalization and human rights nexus

Moslem Women, Religion And The Hijab: A Human Rights Perspective

Do confessions and evidence obtained through torture have legal force in international law? A critical appraisal of remedies available to victims of torture in Uganda

Gender and education in post-apartheid South Africa: possibilities and limitations of the international human rights framework

Transitional justice: the moral foundations of trials and commisions in social and political transformation

The trips and food security: issues, challenges and strageties for developing countries

The role of courts in protecting indigenous peoples\' rights to land and resources in Kenya and South Africa

Democracy, courts and the rule of law in Nigeria: problems and prospects

Poverty, trade and child labour in the developing world: an analysis of efforts to combat child labour in Uganda

Eradicating delay in the prosecution of crimes of genocide in Rwanda through Gacaca courts: Will any form of justice do?

Enforcing Uganda\'s Amnesty Act (2000) within the context of the Rome Statue

The post-conflict treatment of child soldiers: A study of Liberian child soldiers

Towards the global abolition of the death penalty: the criminal law in the United States and Nigeria

Do the rights of poor women really matter? Globalization and the protection of reproductive health rights in Uganda

Uganda's 2006 multiparty elections: consolidating democracy and building peace?

Legal perspectives on the casualisation of workers under Nigerian Labour Law

Political federation in East Africa: Progress, challenges and prospects for constitutional development

Beyond Juba: Does Uganda need a national Truth and Reconciliation Process?

The history of toture jurisprudence in the inter-American regional human rights system: 1948-2005

A Critique Of The Rights Of Refugees Under The OAU Convention Governing The Specific Aspects Of Refugee Problems In Africa

Translating Socioeconomic Rights From Abstract Paper Rights To Fully Fledged Individual Rights: Lessons From South Africa

Understanding Women\'s Economic And Social Human Rights

The Protection Of Human Rights In South Africa And Uganda: A Comparative Survey Of Public Awareness And Perceptions

The Role Of The Judiciary In The 2004 General Elections In Malawi

The African human rights system: unnecessary overlaps or useful synergies?

Access To Information In Uganda: An Examination Of Recent Developments

Fact-finding missions or omissions?: A critical analysis of teh African Commission on Human and People's Rights

A critical analysis of paradigms and rights in disability dicources

Women's property rights and the laws of succession in Uganda: Reform propositions

Despair and distain: a tale of sexual abuse against internally displaced women in Northern Uganda

The role of the education system in promoting unity and reconciliation in polarized Rwanda: A human rights perspective

Social identities and human rights: A contribution to the conceptual debate

Freedom of expression in two East African countries: comparing Uganda and Tanzania

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