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A CT-based study of the thoracic spine pedicle and pedicle-rib unit morphometry in a Kenyan population

A dry bone study of thoracic spine pedicle transverse diameters in a Kenyan population

Anatomical relationships of the suprascapular and spinoglenoid notches and the scapular bony landmarks in adult Kenyans: a dry bone study

The course of the radial nerve in relation to the humerus: a cadaveric study in a Kenyan adult population

Prevalence of developmental lumbar spinal canal stenoses among adult population in the coastal region of Kenya

Running-related musculoskeletal injuries, risk factors and treatment among Kenyan runners

Barriers to prosthetic devices at a Tanzanian hospital


Does spinal surgery for spinal tuberculosis during active infection predispose to post operative surgical site infection?: Experience From Kenyatta national hospital

Treatment outcomes of open femoral fractures at a county Hospital in Nakuru, Kenya

Glenoid and coracoid dimensions and their implications in the latarjet operation: a dry bone study

The course of the axillary nerve among adult Kenyan cadavers

Morphometry of the thoracic pedicle and the pedicle-rib unit: A review of literature

Bilateral congenital absence of the patella in an adult: case report

Short-term outcomes of Gustilo grade 3A open tibia diaphyseal fractures: intramedullary nail versus external fixation

Anthropometry of the proximal tibia in a Kenyan population and its correlation with total knee replacement implants

Forequarter amputations at the Moi teaching and referral hospital

Surgical reconstruction of the anterior column in the management of the tuberculosis of the spine (Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital experiance: 2012-2015)

The incidence and clinico-radiological findings in symptomatic adult patients with lumbar degenerative disc diseases in a tertiary orthopaedic hospital, South-West, Nigeria

Association between early life malnutrition and the size of lumbar spinal canal among adults of coastal region, Kenya

Early operative management of pilon fractures using the anterolateral approach: a case series

Giant cell tumour of greater trochanter apophysis: case report

Editorial: Advocacy in orthopaedics

A locally adapted functional outcome measurement score for total hip replacement in west Africa: introduction of the Ouaga score

Survival of primary cemented total hip arthroplasties in east Africa

Pattern of long bone fractures in a paediatric population at Kenyatta National Hospital

Operative treatment of primary bone tumours of the femur and the tibia

Anthropometry of the distal femur in a Kenyan population and its correlation with total knee replacement implants

Coccygectomy for chronic, symptomatic coccygeal dislocation: case report

Erratum: Proximal Femur Geometry in the Adult Kenyan Femora and its Implications in Orthopaedic Surgery

Scaphoid dimensions and appropriate screw sizes in a Kenyan population

A comparison of accuracy of clinical tests and MRI in the diagnosis of meniscal and anterior cruciate ligament injuries

The spectrum of radiographic and sonographic findings in patients with shoulder pain at the department of diagnostic imaging and radiation medicine, University of Nairobi

Proximal femur geometry in the adult Kenyan femur and its implications in orthopaedic surgery

Bridging glenohumeral heterotopic ossification at the Kenyatta national hospital : a case report

Recurrent traumatic posterior hip dislocation in labral avulsion: case report

Successful occipitocervical fusion for basilar invagination in a rural African mission hospital: case report

Open fractures - effect of infection on fracture fixation

Ignas Semmelweis: the doctor who championed hand-washing

Assessment of spino-pelvic morphometry, a predictor of lumbosacral instability

Reoperation rates following intramedullary nailing versus external fixation of Gustilo Type 3A open tibia shaft fractures

The anterior curve of the adult femur in a Kenyan population and its mismatch with available intramedullary nails

OSCEs for undergraduate clinical examination in orthopaedics: inter-examiner variability

A 5-year evaluation of the effect of introduction of subspecialty practices on surgical case loads in the orthopaedic department of Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

Posterior approach for hip arthroplasty: a single surgeon series

Pattern and outcome of spinal injury at Kenyatta National Hospital

Editorial: Tuberculosis in orthopaedics

SIGN HIP construct: Achieving hip fracture fixation without using an image intensifier

Management of open achilles tendon injury: Primary repair and early mobilization

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