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Commentary - Sickle Cell Disease: Review Of Complications, Current And Emerging Trends In Management

Perception Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology Resident Doctors Of Traditional Birth Attendants’ Practices

Colonoscopic And Histological Assessment Of Colonic Lesions In University Of Benin Teaching Hospital, Benin City

Utilisation Of Insecticide-Treated Net During Pregnancy In Delta State: A Survey Of Recently Delivered Mothers

Benign And Malignant Tumours Of The Large Bowels - A Comparison

Maternal Mortality In Imo State University Teaching Hospital, Orlu: A Fiveyear Review

Childhood Orbito-Ocular Tumours In Benin City, Nigeria - A 25 year Histopathological Review

How Many Physicians Prescribe Quinine For The Treatment Of Malaria In The First Trimester Of Pregnancy?

Short Communication: Health Seeking Behaviour Of Medical Undergraduates in a Nigerian University

Short Communication - Maternal and fetal outcomes of obstructed labour cases in a tertiary health facility in Abakaliki, Nigeria

Case Report - Neonatal Depressed Skull Fracture

Spontaneous heterotropic pregnancy: A case report

Case report - Lassa Fever Mimicking Ectopic Pregnancy: A Report Of Three Cases

Alterations In Lipid Profile Of Patients With Advanced Cervical Cancer

Impact Of The Introduction Of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Services On The Cost Of Care Of Breast Cancer Patients In Benin City, Nigeria

Sexual activity, Pattern and outcome of HIV+ sero-status disclosure to a significant other among men and women attendees of two HIV clinics in Abakaliki Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

Oral Health Problems And Causes Of Tooth Loss At The University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu-Nigeria

Knowledge and Preference of HIV Testing Types Among Antenatal Women at The University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu, Nigeria

Socio-demographic and clinical profile of patients admitted into Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital: a three-year retrospective study.

An Audit Of Open Breast Biopsies In Two Hospitals In The Niger Delta

Risk Factors Associated With Cervical Intraepithelial Lesions In A Tertiary Hospital Setting.

Prevalence Of Dentine Hypersensitivity And Its Response To Non – Surgical Treatment In Benin City, Nigeria.

Opinion Of Health Workers On, And Their Safety Practices In Connection With The Handling Of Medical Wastes At A University Teaching Hospital In South East Nigeria

Common intestinal helminthiasis in children: A review.

Evaluating School Health Appraisal scheme in Primary Schools within Abakaliki metropolis, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

Pre-Induction and Intrapartum Correlates of Successful Induction Of Labour Using Oxytocin and Misoprostol in Abakaliki, Nigeria

Cervical Pattern on Visual Inspection With Aceto Acetic Acid in A Faith Based Population

Management of Pleural Fluid Collection with Tube Thoracostomy in a Tertiary Health Facility in Abakaliki, Nigeria.

Evaluation Of Postoperative Facial Swelling Following The Surgical Removal Of Impacted Third Molars Using The Tape Measuring Technique.

The availability of Misoprostol in pharmacies and patent medicine stores in two Nigerian cities

Perception of Vaginal Discharge and Care Seeking Behaviour among Obstetric and Gynaecological Clinic Attendees in Abakaliki, Southeastern Nigeria.

Prevalence and Attitude Towards Tobacco Smoking Among Health Care Workers in Kano State.

Fetal Umbilical Cord Length and Associated Intrapatum Complications In A Tertiary Institution, Southeast Nigeria.

Knowledge and Practice Of Patients' Referrals Among Nurses and Nurse Assistants at The Primary Health Care (PHC) Centres in Enugu, Nigeria

Does Aerobic Exercise improve Body Composition and Serum Insulin levels in Young Obese Girls?

Re implantation of an Avulsed Maxillary Permanent Central Incisor in an Eight-Year-Old Girl – Case Report.

Colitis Cystica Profunda Presenting As Colo Colic Intussusception In An Adult: A Case Report

Spigellan Hernia In A 15 Year Old Male: Case Report

Mandibular fracture and complications associated with different treatment methods: Review of Literature.

Pattern of Gunshot Injuries – Experience from Baptist Medical Centre, Eku, Nigeria

Socio-Demographic Characteristics Of Patients Seeking In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) at the University Of Benin Teaching Hospital, Benin City, Nigeria.

Prevalence and Behaviour Effects of Psychoactive Substance Use Among University Students in South-Eastern Nigeria

Health Risks AssociatedWith Air Pollution: Public Perception In Kano, NorthWestern Nigeria.

Clinical aspects of temporo-mandibular joint dislocation in Calabar, Nigeria

Case Report: Sudden Loss Of Head Control As Part Of Clinical Presentation Of Urinary Tract Infection In An Infant.

Surgical Management of A Gigantic Fibrous Dysplasia In A Nigerian Setting – Case Report

Management Of Ileo-Cutaneous FistulaWith Oral Feeding: A Report Of Three Cases And Review Of The Literature.

Short Communication: Analysis Of Surgically Treated Symptomatic Prolapsed Lumbar And Sacral Intervertebral Disc In Switzerland

Case report: spinal subdural extramedullary neurinoma mimicking a prolapsed intervertebral disc.

Case Report: Retroperitoneal sarcoma in an elderly woman

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