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English in Africa

English in Africa


Reading and roaming the racial city: R. R. R. Dhlomo and The Bantu World

Decolonization and popular poetics: from Soweto poetry to diasporic solidarity

“Having it all”?: (Re) examining conspicuous consumption and pernicious masculinities in South African Chick-Lit

Temporal aftermaths and ruined spaces in the African Metropolis: Cairo in the crime fiction of Parker Bilal

Niq Mhlongo told us #FeesMustFall, or why the surface matters in Dog Eat Dog

Book Review: A Survey of South African Crime Fiction. Critical Analysis and Publishing History

Introduction: on (still) rediscovering the ordinary

Indigenous African literary forms may determine the future course of world literature

The sound of reading

Form and structure: using poems to teach the writing of lyrical poetry

Indecent exposure – writing violence and resistance today

‘Whose body is it, and what is it doing on my page?’ The intersections between the non-normative body and alternative textual practices

Imagining the “forbidden” racial other: attitudes and approaches in the works of Antjie Krog, Marlene van Niekerk, Meg Vandermerwe and Zukiswa Wanner

Finding the bird in the bush, or, “the material that appears”: rethinking the ‘creative’ in teaching ‘creative writing’

Black, white and everything in-between: unravelling the times with Zoë Wicomb

Book Review: Recognition: An Anthology of South African Short Stories

Book Reviews

The appearance of the book: towards a history of the reading lives and worlds of black South African readers

Happening in Athens: the travels of Sinclair Beiles

William Plomer’s Turbott Wolfe : an Anatomy

Review: Learning Zulu: A Secret History of Language in South Africa

“Wishy-washy liberalism” and “the art of getting lost” in Ivan Vladislavić’s Double Negative

Horrors of the Half-Forgotten: Explosive Memories in Ivan Vladislavić’s “The Firedogs”

Ivan Vladislavić’s Aesthetics of Detritus in “Autopsy” and “Propaganda by Monuments”

The Sound of South Africa: Johan Vlok Louw’s Karoo Dusk

Multiple Twilights: Narrating Transition in Achmat Dangor’s Bitter Fruit


Military writers and their readers: the transnational circulation of campaign narratives of the Eastern Cape Frontier Wars between 1834 and 1853

Liminality and alternative femininity in Sol T. Plaatje’s Mhudi

Old Roots, new routes: following the troubadour in the poetry of Dennis Brutus

On the aesthetics of mimicry and proliferation: interrogations of hegemony in the postcolonial public sphere

J.M. Coetzee’s aesthetics of Ahimsa : towards a Gandhian reading of The Lives of Animals and Disgrace

Tribute: Tim Couzens 1944–2016

Boer melancholia: Ingrid Winterbach’s Niggie

Towards a narrative identity in Damon Galgut’s The Good Doctor

All down the line: Permutation poetry in three South African journals, 1965–1975

The classics, African literature, and the critics

Jeanie Conan’s An African ABC

Introduction: the problem of nostalgia

The work of nostalgia in Denis Hirson’s I Remember King Kong (The Boxer)

Remembering life under apartheid with fondness: the memoirs of Jacob Dlamini and Chris van Wyk

Nostalgia and apocalypticism in two post-apartheid films

A “funny” feeling: laughter and nostalgia in Alex Latimer’s The Space Race

Post-apartheid nostalgia and the sadomasochistic pleasures of archival art

Reading nostalgia and beyond: the hermeneutics of suspicion and race; and, learning to read, again, with Zoë Wicomb

Reimagining the “literary” in South African literary studies

The Emergence of the South African Farm Crime Novel: Socio-Historical Crimes, Personal Crimes, and the Figure of the Dog

Towards a Reconceptualization of “(Post)Transitional” South African Cultural Expression

Diving the Reef: Water Metaphors in the Work of Ivan Vladislavić

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