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Egyptian Journal of Agronomy

Assessment of Variability for Drought Tolerance Indices in Some Wheat ( Triticum aestivum L.) Genotypes

Gene Expression and Molecular Differences in Two Wheat Genotypes under Salt and Drought Stresses

Biofuel, Sugar Content, Grain Yields and Qualities of Two Sorghum bicolor in Responses to Levels and Timing of Nitrogen Applications

Cultivars Response of Flax ( Linum usitatissimum L.) to Different Nitrogen Sources in Dry Environment

Bio and Organic Fertilizers as an Alternative to Conventional Mineral Source on Sesame ( Sesamum indicum L.) Production and Oil Quality in Egypt

Performance Evaluation of Three Egyptian Cotton Genotypes under Different Thermal Units Related to Different Planting Dates

Combining Ability of Physiological and Yield Traits of Bread Wheat Diallel Crosses under Timely and Late Sowing Dates

Effect of Intercropping Cowpea ( Vigna unguiculata L.) with Teosinte ( Zea mexicana Schrad ) on Forage Yield Productivity and Its Quality

A Review of Advantages, Disadvantages and Challenges of Crop Rotations

Impact of Different Levels of Phosphorus and Seed Inoculation With Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (AM) On Growth, Yield Traits and Productivity of Wheat

Response of Arachis hypogaea L. to Different Levels of Phosphorus and Boron in Dry Environment

Humus materials and Moringa ( Moringa oleifera Lam.) Leaf Extract Modulate the Harmful Effect of Soil Salinity Stress in Sudan Grass ( Sorghum vulgare L.)

Stability Analyses and Heritability of a Doubled Haploid Population of Barley ( Hordeum vulgare L.)

Efficiency of Sowing Method and Weed Control on Growth, Yield and Quality of Linseed ( Linum usitatissimum L.)

Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Grain Protein of Corn Affected by Low Nitrogen Application

Phenotypic and Genotypic Variability in a Set of Sesame ( Sesamum indicum L.) Genotypes

Enhancement of Yield and Quality of Sugarcane by Applied Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Filter Cake

Yield Gap Associated with Crop Management in Wheat (Case Study: Ardabil Province-Parsabad Moghan)

Genetic Diversity among Faba Bean Hybrids in Relation with Heterosis Using Molecular and Agronomic Data

Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with Yield and its Related Traits in Sorghum bicolor

Combining Ability, Heritability and Heterosis Estimates in Faba Bean ( Vicia faba L.) under Two Water Regimes

Chlorophyll, Carotenoids Pigments and Growth of Three Onion Cultivars as Affected by Saline Water Irrigation

Potential Role of Cropping System and Integrated Nutrient Management on Nutrients Uptake and Utilization by Maize Grown in Calcareous Soil

Response of Growth, Productivity and Quality of Some Egyptian Wheat Cultivars to Different Irrigation Regimes

Response of Rice Yield and Yield Components as well as Grain Quality to Number and Levels of Zinc Foliar Spraying Application

Seed Pre-soaking on Gibberellic Acid (GA3) Enhance Growth, Histological and Physiological Traits of Sugar Beet ( Beta vulgaris L) under Water Stress

Correlation, Path and Regression Analysis in Some Bread Wheat ( Triticum aestivum L) Genotypes under Normal Irrigation and Drought Conditions

Physiological Traits and Drought Tolerance Indices in Advanced Genotypes of Bread Wheat ( Triticum aestivum L)

Effect of Potassium Foliar Applications on Productivity and Quality of Mono-Cut Egyptian Clover under Saline Soil

Effect of Growth Promoter Supplement on Yield and Grain Quality of Maize ( Zea mays L)

Effect of Corps Rotation and Sequence Weed Control Treatments on Weeds and Faba Bean Productivity

Enhancing Yield, Quality and Profitability of Sugar Beet Combining Potassium Fertilizer and Application Date of Yeast

Maximizing Land Equivalent Ratio and Economic Return by Intercropping Maize with Peanut under Sandy Soil in Egypt

Genetic Analysis of Earliness and Lint Yield under Normal and Late Sowing Dates in Egyptian Cotton

Effect of Drought Stress on Yield and Yield Components of 20 Peanut Genotypes Grown under Newly Reclaimed Soil

Stability Parameters and AMMI Analysis of Quinoa ( Chenopodium quinoa Willd.)

Effect of some soil amendments on yield and quality traits of sugar beet ( Beta vulgaris L.) under water stress in sandy soil

Agronomic Performance Sugar Beet ( Beta vulgaris L.) in Egypt Using Inorganic, Organic and Biofertilizers

Effect of Organic, Inorganic and Bio-fertilization on Growth, Yield and Quality Traits of Some Chickpea ( Cicer arietinum  L.) Varieties

Response of Rice Yield and Soil to Sulfur Application under Water and Salinity Stresses

Influence of Irrigation Intervals under Different Sowing Dates on Water Relations, Yield and Quality Nutrition of Guar Forage Crop

Effect of Alternative Spraying with Silicate and Licorice Root Extract on Yield and Nutrients Uptake by Pea Plants

Role of Micronutrients in Improving Yield and Quality of Seeds in Fenugreek Plants ( Trigonella foenim graecum L.)

Influencing of Water Stress and Micronutrients on Physio-Chemical Attributes, Yield and Anatomical Features of Common Bean Plants ( Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Genetic Analysis of Seed Cotton Yield and its Attributes under Early and Late Plantings

Effect of Different Nitrogen Rates on Productivity and Quality Traits of Wheat Cultivars

Genetic Analysis of Yield and Its Attributes in Wheat ( Triticum aestivum L.) Under Normal Irrigation and Drought Stress Conditions

Effect of Ridge Width and Cropping System on Productivity and Land Use Efficiency in Faba Bean-Flax Intercrops

Genetic Variability of Barley ( Hordeum vulgare L.) Genotypes in Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals-Contaminated Soil

Response of Sugar Beet Growth, Productivity and Quality to Foliar Application of Different Forms of Boron Microelement and Number of Sprays Under New Reclaimed Soil Conditions

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