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Ethiopian Journal of Economics

Effects of terms of trade and its volatility on economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Impacts of small-scale irrigation technology on the nutritional well being of children in the Amhara national region of Ethiopia

Multiple credit constraints and borrowing behavior of farm households: panel data evidence from rural Ethiopia

Explaining financial crises in an African open economy

Property rights and their implications on agricultural productivity in Ethiopia: a history

Adoption and intensity of use of modern beehives in Wag Himra and north Wollo zones, amhara region, Ethiopia

Financial inclusion in Ethiopia: using lsms (Ethiopia socioeconomic survey) data

Factors affecting savings as means of economic growth in Ethiopia

Analysis of the technical efficiency of rice production in Fogera district of Ethiopia: a stochastic frontier approach

Exploring the relationship between trade liberalization and Ethiopian economic growth

Domestic resource mobilization in Ethiopia: how sustainable is the current boom in domestic savings?

The macroeconomic effects of fiscal policy shock in Ethiopia: evidence from a bayesian var approach

Financial access to micro and small enterprise operators: the case of youth-owned firms in Ethiopia

Profitability of bioethanol production: the case of Ethiopia

Is child work detrimental to the educational achievement of children? results from young lives study in Ethiopia

Growth potential and business constraints of micro and small enterprises in South Wollo Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Impacts of smallholder tree plantation in Amhara Region of Ethiopia: the case of Lay Gayint and Fagta Locuma Districts

Growth, structure and firm dynamics in grain markets: the case of grain traders in Ethiopia

Informal crossborder livestock trade restrictions in eastern Africa: is there a case for free flows in Ethiopia-Kenyan borderlands?

Trade reforms, mark-ups and bargaining power of workers: the case of Ethiopian manufacturing firms

Dynamics of poverty and wellbeing in Ethiopia: an introduction to a Special Issue of the Ethiopian Journal of Economics

Multidimensional poverty dynamics in Ethiopia: how do they differ from consumption-based poverty dynamics?

Once poor always poor? Exploring consumption- and asset-based poverty dynamics in Ethiopia

A profile of food insecurity dynamics in rural and small town Ethiopia

Dynamics of wasting and underweight in Ethiopian children

Nonfarm enterprises in rural Ethiopia: improving livelihoods by generating income and smoothing consumption?

Marketing system analysis of vegetables and fruits in Amhara Regional State: survey evidence from Raya Kobo and Harbu Woredas

The determinants of real exchange rate volatility in Nigeria

The determinants of agricultural productivity and rural household income in Ethiopia

Growth of youth-owned MSEs in Ethiopia: characteristics, determinants and challenges

Single versus multiple objective(s) decision making: an application to subsistence farms in Northern Ethiopia

Inflation - Growth nexus in Ethiopia: Evidence from Threshold Auto Regressive Model

The dynamics of food price convergence in Ethiopia

Economic growth - Quality of life nexus in Ethiopia: Time series analysis

Transactions costs and spatial integration of vegetable and fruit market in Ethiopia

The characteristics and determinants of entrepreneurship in Ethiopia

The Impact of Trade Openness on Poverty via Agricultural TFP in Ethiopia: A Sequential Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium Micro Simulation Analysis

The Nigerian, Swedish and Chilean Pension Systems: A Comparative Analysis of Schemes and Reforms

Demand for Health Insurance: A Study on the Feasibility of Health Insurance Schemes for Community Based Groups in Addis Ababa City

The Economic and Political Cost of Not Integrating Indigenous Knowledge in Agrarian Policy Making in Ethiopia

Determinant of Poverty in Ethiopia

The Dynamics of Poverty and Vulnerability in Rural Ethiopia

Financing Ethiopia’s Development: Confronting the Gap between Ambition and Means

The Impact of International Remittance on Poverty, Household Consumption and Investment in Urban Ethiopia: Evidence from Cross-Sectional Measures

Determinants of Price Dynamics in Ethiopia

Effectiveness of Foreign Aid on the Growth of the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria

The Effect of Improved Productivity of the Manufacturing Industries on the Ethiopian Economy: A Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Analysis

The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Poverty in Ethiopia: A Computable General Equilibrium Microsimulation Analysis

Climate Change and Variability: Implications for Household Food Security in Agro-pastoral Areas of Jigjiga District, Eastern Ethiopia

Households Willingness to Pay for Improved Urban Solid Waste Management: The Case of Mekelle City, Ethiopia

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