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Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management

Implications of diversity of groups of indigenous birds to agricultural output in Ethiopia

Authors: Anteneh Shimelis

Journal: Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management

The value of birds for agriculture in Ethiopia was studied. Diversities of indigenous bird guilds namely granivores, frugivores, insectivores, and raptors that inhabit differently agro-climatic zones were used as predictors of percent agricultural outputs of the zones. This showed diversity of all the guilds did have significant positive explanatory value to agricultural output across agro-climatic zones. To explain such contribution of birds to agriculture their role in predicting forest cover the value of which was already verified should have been done. The diversities of all the four guilds significantly and positively explained patterns in forest cover across agro-climatic zones of Ethiopia. Thus birds are important for agriculture because of their roles both within pristine landscapes such as forests and also within the farmstead. The results may be are indicative of past and present role of indigenous birds in the maintenance, spread and multiplication of crops and livestock in Ethiopia's wildernesses and farms.  The evidence indicates birds may have significant economic value and money spent on the conservation of birds is money well spent. Keywords: Crop, Bird, Diversity, Forest, Agro-climate, Ethiopia