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Ethiopian Journal of Higher Education

Action Research Practices in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at Addis Ababa University: Implications for Quality Language Teaching

Students’ Understanding of the Basic Concepts of Newtonian Mechanics vis-a-vis Lecture Method: The case of Dilla University

የአንብቦ መረዳት ብልሃቶችን መማር ከአንብቦ መረዳት ችሎታ ጋር ያለው ተዛምዶ

An Investigation into Teachers’ State of Formulation and Utilization of Instructional Objectives

Instructors’ Stages of Concern and Levels of Use of Active Learning Strategies: The Case of HDP Programs of Three Higher Learning Institutes in Amhara Region

Assessing Students in Addis Ababa University: Indian and Ethiopian Faculty Members’ Perceptions and Reflections

The Impact of Computer Simulated Direct Current Circuit Physics Lessons on Achievement, Group Interaction and Attitude of Students: The Case of 2007 First Year Physics Majoring Students at Bahir Dar University

Higher Education Institutions as Pavilions of Diversity: Opportunities and Challenges –The Case of Bahir Dar University

(Teshome Yizengaw (2007). The Ethiopian Higher Education: Creating Space for Reform. Addis Ababa: St Mary‟s UC Printing Press, ISBN 978-99944-999-4-5, 263 pages 22 tables and 8 figures; Birr 60)

Private Higher Education in Ethiopia: Peril and Promise

Linkage of Higher Education with Agricultural Research, Extension and Development in Ethiopia

Outcomes Approach to Learning: A Good Practice for Ethiopian Higher Education

Higher Education Expansion and the Gender Question in Ethiopia: A Case Study of Women in a Public University

Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions to Meet Social Expectations: Lessons to Ethiopia

Quality: An Ideological Construct?

Assessment of the Contributions of Madda Walabu University to the Regional State of Oromiya

Higher Education in Pre-Revolution Ethiopia: Relevance and Academic Freedom

Impact of Varying Entry Behaviour on Students’ Academic and Psychological Outcomes in Higher Education: The Case of PPC and FPC Students at Debub University

Students Evaluations of Instructors’ Performance in Higher Education Institutions: What Research Has to Say

Ensuring the Quality of Ethiopian Higher Education in the Face of the Challenges of the 21st Century

Aspects of Quality in the Research Papers of Undergraduates: A Case Study

The Management Effectiveness of Distance Teacher Education in Addis Ababa University

Effectiveness of the M. Ed Distance and Face-To-Face Education Program of the Addis Ababa University (AAU) in Curriculum Studies in Meeting its Objectives: An Evaluative Overview of the Stakeholders’ Perceptions

Freshman and Preparatory Complete Students: Do they Exhibit Difference in their Reading Achievement?

The Status and Challenges of Ethiopian Higher Education System and its Contribution to Development

The Massification Of Higher Education: A Comparison Of The UK Experience And The Emerging Ethiopian Response

Debates in Research Paradigms: Reflections in Qualitative Research in Higher Education

Observations and Reflections of the Higher Education Teachers on the Quality of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in Ethiopia

The Status of Research Undertaking in the Ethiopian Higher Institutions of Learning with Special Emphasis on AAU

The Introduction of Cost-Sharing at the Addis Ababa University and the Inevitable Concomitant Demands for Good Academic Governance: Preliminary Observations

Higher Education Response to HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Ethiopia: Rhetoric, Reality, Challenges and the Way Forward

Universities, Paradigms, and Ontological Choices

Perceptions of Work Environment in Ethiopian Higher Learning Institutions: A Search for Antecedents of Organizational Commitment and Turnover among Debub University Instructors

Gender and Regional Disparities in Opportunities to Higher Education in Ethiopia: Challenges for the Promotion of Social Justice

Cost Sharing in Higher Education: The International Experience and Lessons to be Learned

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