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Ethiopian Journal of Higher Education

Perceptions of Work Environment in Ethiopian Higher Learning Institutions: A Search for Antecedents of Organizational Commitment and Turnover among Debub University Instructors

Authors: Tesfaye Semela

Journal: Ethiopian Journal of Higher Education

The aim of this study is to examine the level of instructors‟ fairness perceptions in the workplace i.e. the quality of leader-subordinate relationship, procedural and distributive justices of the existing organizational practice. In addition, it uncovers the extent to which the work environment within the university is instrumental in boosting organizational commitment and increases the likelihood of staying in the system. The sample included 103 instructors (93 males and 10 females) representing different levels of qualification and academic rank. Data were obtained using self-report measures. The instruments were developed and partly adapted. The major variables include workplace variables (i.e. Instructors fairness perception of distributive and procedural justice, and leaders‟ behavior [Leader-Member – Exchange (LMX)], affective organizational commitment, overall job satisfaction, and intent or non-intent to quit. To examine the role of the major variables of interest, descriptive, bivariate, and multivariate statistics are used. The results indicate that work environment variables have significantly predicted instructors‟ commitment to their university and intent to stay or leave. Implications of the findings in terms of bolstering the quality of university teaching in Ethiopia are discussed.