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Ethiopian Journal of Higher Education

Higher Education Institutions as Pavilions of Diversity: Opportunities and Challenges –The Case of Bahir Dar University

Authors: Abebaw Yirga, Tilahun Bejitual

Journal: Ethiopian Journal of Higher Education

This study looks into the opportunities and challenges experienced at higher education institutions. A qualitative instrumental case study design was employed. To generate data from the purposefully selected research participants, interview and focus group discussion were used. The study revealed that the diversity that exists in Bahir Dar University is more of a challenge than an opportunity. Even though the University has experienced many diversity challenges and some ethnic-based conflicts, it has no planned strategies to better manage on-campus conflicts and diversity. The research also revealed that though the educational challenges of diversity are on a much smaller scale in Bahir Dar University compared to some universities in America and Europe, where diversity is a serious problem of education. There are clues to show that the educational challenges of diversity are increasing considerably.