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The Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine

Effect of some botanical materials on certain biological aspects of the house fly, Musca domestica L.

Authors: Nabawy A. I. Elkattan; Khalafalla S. Ahmed; Saadya M. Elbermawy; Rabab M. Abdel-Gawad

Journal: The Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine

The effects of Lantana camara (leaves), Pelargonium zonale (leaves), Cupressus macrocarpa (leaves), Cyperus rotundus (whole plant) and Acacia nilotica (seeds)powders on some biological aspects of house fly, M. domestica L. were tested. The effects of three lethal concentrations LC25, LC50 and LC75 on the larval duration, pupation percent, pupal weight, pupal duration, adult emergence percent, sex ratio, adult longevity, and fecundity were determined. The induced malformed larvae, pupae and adults were recorded and photographed. The powders of the five plants were found to have promising effects in controlling this insect.