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Egyptian Journal of Neck Surgery and Otorhinolaryngology

Egyptian Journal of Neck Surgery and Otorhinolaryngology

Reconstruction of a large anterior skull base defect with a multilayer graft augmented by a vascularized flap: A technical note

Laryngeal Ultrasound in comparison to Mutislice Computed Tomography and Direct laryngoscopy in the assessment of laryngeal carcinoma

Role of diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (DWI) in laryngeal carcinoma

Overview of Newborn Hearing Screening by transient otoacoustic emissions in Aswan, Egypt: A Hospital-Based preliminary Study

The relationship between the direction and degree of nasal septal deviation and nasal bone morphology

Safety and Efficacy of Rifampicin in treatment of Rhinoscleroma, Single Institutional Experience on patients over two years period

Does the Middle Turbinate Share the Clinical and Pathological Changes with Paranasal Sinuses in Chronic Rhinosinusitis?

Symptomatic treatment versus symptomatic treatment with antibiotics for children with acute otitis media: A randomized clinical trial

Platelet-rich plasma in the management of anosmia

The Efficacy of Nasal Steroids in Treatment of Otitis Media with Effusion: A Comparative Study

Risk factors for aspiration pneumonia in geriatric patients with dementia and prolonged dysphagia

Auditory Steady-State Response (ASSR) in hearing-impaired children with absent Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) waves

Normal Variations in Sphenoid and Their Significance Regarding Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries: Multislice Computed Tomographic Study

Local sclerotherapy with lauromacrogol versus chemical cautery with chromic acid in treatment of idiopathic recurrent anterior epistaxis

The application of 3-Ounce-Water wallow Test on The Dysphagic Patients

Pre-operative subjective and objective voice assessment in patients with benign thyroid disorders

Effectiveness of Epley’s Repositioning Maneuver in the Treatment of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

Botulinum Toxin injection in Bilateral Vocal Fold Immobility

Evaluation of audio-vestibular functions in patients with open angle glaucoma

Phoniatrics Protocol for assessment of stuttering used in Phoniatrics’ unit Sohag University

ABO grouping as a risk factor for cancer larynx

Transcanal Endoscopic excision of tympanic paraganglioma, a report of our surgical technique

Factors predispose to aphthous ulcer

Assessment protocol for Auditory and Language Abilities in Cochlear Implanted Children used in Sohag university hospital

serum Interleukin-6 level a risk factor in pathogenesis of otitis media with effusion in children?

Comparative study between the effect of Diclofenac and Ketorolac in post-tonsillectomy pain management

Button graft and trichloroacetic acid for repair of small and medium-sized ear drum perforations

Thyroid scintigraphy indications based on clinical experience

Predictive Value of Auditory Perceptual Assessment of Voice in Diagnosis of Functional Voice Disorders and Minimal Associated Pathological Lesions

Evaluation of intranasal mometasone furate in the treatment of children with otitis media with effusion

Microdebrider Intracapsular Tonsillectomy and Traditional Extracapsular Dissection Tonsillectomy in Children: A Comparative Study

Endoscopic Evaluation of Surgical Partial Inferior Turbinectomy versus Coblation Assisted Turbinectomy

Evaluation of post total laryngectomy voice rehabilitation by Provox®2 voice prosthesis (preliminary study)

Effect of preincisional peritonsillar infiltration of bupivacaine on post-tonsillectomy pain

Endoscopic Versus Microscopic Stapedectomy For Treatment of Otosclerosis

Half-thickness tragal cartilage slicing improves the sound transmission properties in endoscopic myringoplasty among Egyptians

Effect of sinonasal surgery on middle ear pressure

Submucosal Diathermy Versus Coblation For Reduction of Hypertrophied Inferior Turbinate

Physical and psychosocial Impact of Cochlear Implantation on children

Vestibular evaluation of patients with unilateral subjective idiopathic tinnitus

Gender Differences in Normal Swallow

Metoprolol significantly improves visual clarity and hemodynamic parameters during functional endoscopic sinus surgery

Effect of topical Mitomycin C application in the treatment of post-intubation tracheal stenosis.

Does Intelligence Predict Language Development?

Study of surfactant level in cases of Otitis Media with Effusion

Changes in Intraoperative and Postoperative Neural Response Telemetry in Cochlear Implant Users

Factors affecting decannulation of elective tracheostomy done for patients in intensive care units

Hypopharyngeal reconstruction using pectoralis major myocutaneous flap after total hypopharyngolaryngectomy

Polymorphism in Cyclin D1 gene (G870A) and the risk of squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy Outcome In Patients with Unilateral Peripheral Vestibular Disorders

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