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Ethiopian Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Production

Ethiopian Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Production

Effect of Replacement for Barley grain with Faidherbia albida pods on Growth and Hematological Performance in Highland Sheep in Arid Areas of Tigray, Ethiopia

Challenges and Opportunities in Securing Forage Seed Systems in Ethiopia: A Review

Assessment of Market Characteristics, Price Determinant Factors and Causes of Skin and hide Rejection in Alamata, Maichew, Adigrat and Sheraro Districts of Tigray Regional State, Ethiopia

Advances on Molecular Epidemiology and Zoonotic Importance of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex (MTBC) in Ethiopia: A Review

Assessment of Bacteriological Quality, Major Bacterial Pathogens and Handling Practices of Raw Camel Milk in Abala District of Afar Region, Ethiopia

Prevalence, Economic Significance and Fertility Rate of Hydatid Cyst in Goat Slaughtered at Abergelle Export Abattoir, Mekelle, Ethiopia

Study on the Prevalence of Toxocara vitulorum in Calves in and Around Mekelle, Ethiopia

Prevalence of Paramphistomum Nematode Parasites in Small Ruminants Slaughtered at Abergelle International Export Abattoir, Tigray, Ethiopia

Livestock Production Gap Assessment in Tsegede District, Western Tigray: Challenges and Opportunities

Honey Production Practices in Three Districts of Tigray Regional State, Ethiopia

In-vitro Antibacterial Activity of Root and Stem Extracts of Ferula Communis against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli

Assessment of Management and Major Health Problems in Urban and Periurban Dairy Farms of Mekelle, North Ethiopia

Investigation of Intestinal Parasitic Pathogens and Risk Factors Leading to Infectious Diarrhea Complex in Camel Calves in Selected Districts of Afar

Performance of Bovans Brown chickens under intensive and backyard management system in Mekelle, Ethiopia

Performance of Crossbred Dairy Cows under Farmers’ Management in and Around Debre Zeit, Ethiopia

Assessment of Community Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Zoonotic Disease in and Around Dodola Town, West Arsi Zone, Ethiopia

In Vivo Evaluation of the Therapeutic Efficacy of Allium Sativum against Cryptosporidiosis

Study on Prevalence of Bovine Fasciolosis and Its Economic Impact at Sheno Municipal Abattoir, North Shewa, Ethiopia

Prevalence of Bovine Trematodes and Associated Risk Factors at Abergelle Export Abattoir, Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia

Comparative study on Live Weight and Carcass Percentage of Four Indigenous Cattle Breed in Abergelle Export Abattoir, Northern Ethiopia

Control and Prevention of Rabies through Dog Vaccination Campaigns Public Awareness Creation and Dog Population Control

A Study on the Constraints in Housing and Feeding Management of Chickens in Intensive and Free Range Production Systems in Minjar Shenkora District, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

Beef Cattle Production, Management and Its Constraints in and Around Waliso, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Trends in Fish Consumption and Community’s Behavior in Selected Potential Areas of the Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia

Assessment of Community Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on Major Zoonotic Diseases in and Around Adama City, Central Ethiopia

Comparative in vitro Acaricidal Efficacy Evaluation of Amitraz and Diazinon against Ixodid Ticks from Mekelle Dairy Farms, North Ethiopia

Study on Internal Parasites of Oreochromis niloticus, Clarias gariepinus and Labeobarbus Fish Species in Lake Tana, Ethiopia

Identification and Prevalence of Ticks in Small Ruminants in Enderta District, Tigray Regional State, Ethiopia

Major Causes of Condemnation of Diseased Organs and its Economic Importance in Cattle Slaughtered at Arba Minch Municipal Abattoir, Southern Ethiopia

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