Society of African Journal Editors

Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies

Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies

Crisis management as representational strategy: The arrangement of “African” subjectivities and the 2010 world cup

Newspapers and the Maintenance of Public Responsibility in South Africa

Using Community Radio in Ghana to Facilitate Community Participation in Natural Resource Management

Discretions Overstepping the Limits of the Publications Act?

The Community in Community Radio: A Case Study of XK FM, Interrogating Issues of Community Participation, Governance, and Control

The Limits of Authority and Censorship in South African Publications Control

An Assessment of the Changing Community Media Parameters in East Africa

Of communication models and journalism: a critique of the myth of the newspaper editor.

Participatory Ethos, Multimedia Experiments, and Disjunctures in Community Media in Uganda

Progress, Technology amp; Revolutions

Mobilizing Rural and Community Radio in Africa

Persvryheid - quo vadis? / (Freedom of the press - quo vadis?)

Foreign News and Public Opinion: Attribute Agenda-Setting Theory Revisited

Soviet media in the age of glasnost

Community Radio Advocacy in Democratic Nigeria: Lessons for Theory and Practice

Public as gatekeepers survey favors serious news values in same-day international events

Journalism in the Digital Age: The Nigerian Press Framing of the Niger Delta Conflict

Public often mistaken about the media and U.S. journalists

Investigative Journalism and Scandal Reporting in the Nigerian Press

Conceptual journalism - Total newspaper design and its contemporary meaning

Freebies and Brown Envelopes in Ethiopian Journalism

Myth, method, and international news

Investigating the Popularity of the Zimbabwean Tabloid Newspaper uMthunywa: A Reception Study of Bulawayo Readers

Press, censorship, and communication in South Africa

The “Third Arm”: New Forms of Paid-for Content in the South African Print Media

The rˆle of the African media in patron-client relationship: a preliminary look

South African Journalism and Mass Communication Research on Youth and News Media: A Reflection

Newspaper reporting and sociological techniques

Paying the Field: The Cultural Economy of Afrikaans at Naspers

The freedom of the press and the freedom of television

Mediating the 2000 Elections in Zimbabwe: Competing Journalisms in a Society at the Crossroads

The Afrikaans press: from lapdog to watchdog

Newspapers in Sierra Leone: A Case Study of Conditions for Print Journalism in a Postconflict Society

The professional goals of early journalism educators in the United States of America

Media, Civil Society, and Political Culture in West Africa

Die Neo-Marxisme - van die Frankfurtse Skool - se meta-teorie van die joernalistiek/(The Neo-Marxism's - of the Frankfurt School - meta-theory of journalism)

Teaching Communication Ethics in the African Context: A Response to Globalization

The Frankfurt School: Critical theory as the negation of culture

Toward Global Ethics: Exploring the Perspectives of Local Media Stakeholders

Mass media and political upheaval: the need for rational discourse

Toward a Global Media Ethics: Theoretical Perspectives

Vertrekpunte vir die ontwikkeling van 'n model en definisie van pornografie/(Notes on the development of a model and definition of pornography)

Revisiting the journalism and mass communication curriculum: Some experiences from Swaziland

Die rol van die Afrikaanse pers in die taalstryd van die jare 1930/(The role of the Afrikaans press in the language struggle of the 1930's)

South African journalism education: Working towards the future by looking back

Kommunikasie met die massa of met die élite? 'n Loodsstudie na leesbaarheid in Beeld en Die Vaderland (Communication with the masses or with the élite? A pilot study on readability in Beeld and Die Vaderland)

West African journalism education and the quest for professional standards

Robert Godlonton en die rol van die pers in krisistye

Institutional and governmental challenges for journalism education in East Africa

The way forward: the press in South Africa

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