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Economic and Policy Review

Economic and Policy Review

State of the Nigerian economy: first half of 2017

Environmental degradation, energy consumption, population growth and economic growth: Does Environmental Kuznets curve matter for Nigeria?

The empirical analysis of cash balance pension scheme implementation in Nigeria

Is inflation a growth killer? Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

Making public-private partnerships work in Nigeria

How to revive Nigeria’s neglected leather industry

Looking inwards: Will Nigeria tread the path of economic recovery and growth in 2017

Tax incentives and Made in Nigeria goods

Scaling off grid power in Nigeria

Distributed renewable energy: the answer to Nigeria's energy access challenge

Made in Nigeria for Nigeria and the world

"Made in Nigeria" and the energy sector

Public procurement process: global practices and the Nigerian experience

Enhancing intra-African trade: how will Nigeria's service sector fare?

Rising public debt profile in Nigeria: risks and sustainablity issues

Internet Financial Reporting By Commercial Banks in Nigeria

Building Global Competitiveness through Information Security Education

Why Is It So Hard To Change Nigeria?

Financial Integration in the West African Monetary Zone

An Insight into the Behaviour of Nigeria’s Private Consumer Spending

Failed Visions and Economic Transformation: Can Nigeria Unravel the Tangle?

Global Economic Trends: The Options for Nigeria

A Review of Michael E. Porter’s Presentation — Creating a Competitive Nigeria: towards a Shared Economic Vision

Nigeria’s Banking Sector Reforms: the Journey So Far

Renewable Energy Development in Nigeria: More than Environmental Issues

Global Economic Crisis and Power of Productivity

Short Term Effect of Consolidation on Capital Appreciation of Nigerian Banks

An Econometric Analysis of Two Possible Land Reform Strategies in Nigeria

Land Reform and Food Security

Universities, Knowledge Societies and Development in the 21st Century: Values, Institutions and Capacities

Millennium Development Goals and the Nigerian Stock Exchange: Regulatory Imperatives, Challenges and Prospects

Basic Science: The Foundation of Science-Led National Development - Pursuing the New Nigeria Vision through SETI

Agenda and Outlook: Human Resource Development for ICT in Nigeria

Africa Reform Agenda: Bureaucratic Organisations: A Priority in the Development of Public Administration

BOOK REVIEW: Dancing with the Giants: China, India, and the Global Economy

Non-Oil Sector and the Enhancement of Revenue Generation in Nigeria: A Review

Challenges of Science and Technology in the 21st Century

Corruption, Governance and Political Instability in Nigeria

Leadership, Governance and Corruption in Nigeria

Global Measures against Corruption: Implications for Governance in Nigeria

Keeping Faith with Economic Reform

Development challenges of resource-rich countries: the case of oil exporters

High oil prices and the African economy

Africa\'s oil and gas sector: Implications for U.S. Policy

Diversifying Nigeria\'s petroleum industry

The Nigerian petroleum downstream sector and product pricing: Issues and the way forward

Book Review: World Development Report 2007: Development and the next generation

Perspective: Sustaining the economic competitiveness of Nigeria\'s Food Basket - the case for effective deregulation of the downstream petroleum industry

Snagging the wheel of progress: Corruption, New anti-corruption drive and Nigeria\'s quest for development

The impact of the Nigerian Economic Reforms on the female gender

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