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Educational Research and Reviews

Educational Research and Reviews

Context-specific inclusive education: A local perspective on the enterprise

Non-routine problem solving performances of mathematics teacher candidates

Adaptation of quantitative measurement tools to quantitative measurement of possibility

Examining internet addiction levels of high school last-grade students

Investigation of the imagery and creativity of the 7th grade students using guided discovery method

The effect of differential learning method on the international tennis number level among young tennis player candidates

Developing indicators of creative and productive leadership for basic education school administrators

Cultural similarities in Lausanne emigrants: An evaluation in terms of the hospitality value

Migrant workers cash transfer effect on childrens education

Improving the Thai students ability in English pronunciation through mobile application

How do games affect the writing skills of young EFL learners?

Gender differences in achievement, interest and retention of students exposed to fabrication and welding engineering craft practice through cognitive apprenticeship instructional technique in Nigeria

Investigation of primary school teachers opinion about revised 3rd grade science curriculum in Turkey

How Turkish universities have evolved through constitutional changes

Impact of instruction with concept cartoons on students academic achievement in science lessons

A graduate education programs look at grading

Relationship between school, family and environment, according to school principals views

Comparisons of childrens level of recall: Stories told through e-book and picture book

The Ottoman perception in process: Turkey social studies textbook analysis

Teachers perspective on the extent to which the national interactive curriculum scheduled for governmental kindergartens in Jordan take into account the psychological, social, aesthetic and cognitive foundations

Remote and rural placements occurring during early medical training as a multidimensional place-based medical education experience

The level of readability of the computer sciences textbook among the eleventh grade students in Jordan

Evaluation of the reading habits of Indian students (reading aloud and reading silently) from low, middle and high class schools

Graduate careers during the post-communist transition in the South Caucasus

How geography teachers deal with the curriculum changes in Turkey

Qualification and gender dimensions in attitude of secondary school social studies teachers towards computer usage in Kogi State Nigeria

The examination of the link between academic and sports performance in competing rhythmic gymnasts in secondary school

Opinions of teachers and preservice teachers of social studies on geo-literacy

A comparative study on power point presentation and traditional lecture method in material understandability, effectiveness and attitude

Current piano education of Turkish Music teacher candidates: Comparisons of Instructors and Students Perceptions

Informatics teaching from the students’ point of view

The effect of using metacognitive strategies for solving geometry problems on students’ achievement and attitude

The effect of psychological counselling in group on life orientation and loneliness levels of the university students

The frequency of using idioms in writing for the students learning Turkish as a foreign language

The Evaluation of Strength Training and Body Plyometric Effects on the Male Basketball Players

An attitude scale on individual instrument and individual instrument course: Validity-reliability research

Evaluation of the correlation between learning styles and critical thinking dispositions of the students of school of physical education and sports

Personality and self-assessed intelligence: Can gender and personality distort self-assessed intelligence?

Attitudes toward inclusion of children with special needs in regular schools (A case study from parents' perspective)

The moral and citizenship education methods performed in the last period of Ottoman

An investigation of social skills in children with different perfectionism levels

Management development of internal evaluation in the Islamic Republic of Iran (case study)

Association between computer use and entrapment neuropathies in the wrist region

Examining the relationship between empathy for others and self-compassion in college students

The Evaluation of Strength Training and Body Plyometric Effects on the Male Basketball Players

Blending East and West for holistic education

An Assessment of the Policies And Programmes of Zimbabwe in addressing the HIV/Aids Epidemic in the Education Sector

An investigation of fine arts students’ attitudes towards art education based on some variables

The effectiveness of teacher work between permanent and non-permanent teachers on the implementation of school-based management in Muhammadiyah Metro elementary school

Application of context input process and product model in curriculum evaluation: Case study of a call centre

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