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Filosofia Theoretica: Journal of African Philosophy, Culture and Religions

Filosofia Theoretica: Journal of African Philosophy, Culture and Religions

Editorial Introduction: Why we should explore the metaphysical, epistemological and logical dimensions of African philosophy

How African is philosophy in Africa?

African metaphysics and religious ethics

The philosophy of affirmative action as a constraint to gender equality: an introduction to Ukém philosophy

The question of African communalism and the antithesis of democracy

The de-Africanisation of the African National Congress, Afrophobia in South Africa and the Limpopo River Fever

What makes African Philosophy African? A conversation with Aribiah David Attoe on ‘the foundational myth of ethnophilosophy’

Book Review: African Philosophy and the Epistemic Marginalization of Women

Menkiti, Gyekye and beyond: towards a decolonization of African political philosophy

The African struggle to abandon westernity: African philosophy at Eshuean crossroads

The Menkiti-Gyekye conversation: framing persons

Moral force and the “it-it” in Menkiti’s normative conception of personhood

African communalism, persons, and the case of non-human animals

Radical versus moderate communitarianism: Gyekye’s and Matolino’s misinterpretations of Menkiti

The politics of limited communitarianism

Can individual autonomy and rights be defended in Afro-communitarianism?

Language, thought, and interpersonal communication: a cross-cultural conversation on the question of individuality and community

Person and community—a retrospective statement

Withdrawn: Book Review: Exploring the Question of Reincarnation in African Philosophy within an Intracultural and Intercultural Context

Editorial: Mapping recent issues in African Philosophy

Francophone African Philosophy: History, trends and influences

Why African Philosophers should build systems: An exercise in conversational thinking

Personhood in a transhumanist context: An African perspective

African philosophical foundation of a pneumatological controversy inside the church of Central African Presbyterian in Malawi

African studies through language-based techniques

Thought predicament and unwillingness to act: Twin minions of underdevelopment in Africa

Book Review : Exploring the question of reincarnation in African philosophy within intracultural and intercultural contexts


Philosophical foundations of human rights: the Yoruba example

An African ethic of hospitality for the global church: a response to the culture of exploitation and violence in Africa

Methodological anarchism or pluralism? An afro-constructivist perspective on Paul Feyerabend’s critique of science

Questioning the group-based approach to social equality in the post-apartheid South Africa

An integrativist attempt to dissolve and reconstruct Richard Rorty’s conception of ironism

Is deep ecology inapplicable in African context: a conversation with Fainos Mangena

Critical comments on Afro-communitarianism: the community versus individual

The apparent conflict of transcendentalism and immanentism in Kwame Gyekye and Kwasi Wiredu’s interpretation of the Akan concept of God

Towards an African critical philosophy of race: Ubuntu as a philo-praxis of liberation

Philosophical sagacity as conversational philosophy and its significance for the question of method in African philosophy

The function of “it” in Ifeanyi Menkiti’s normative account of personhood: a response to Bernard Matolino

Book Review: Philosophic Sagacity and Intercultural Philosophy: Beyond Henry Odera Oruka

Abiola Irele: a tribute to the master

Book Review: A monumental contribution to the genre of African philosophy

Hermeneutics in African philosophy

The African predicament and a case for Singer’s ‘Samaritanism’: an existentialist interpretation

Phronesis and the epistemological journey through research undertakings involving human participants in the context of Sierra Leone

Mesembe Edet’s conversation with Innocent Onyewuenyi: an exposition of the significance of the method and canons of conversational philosophy

Understanding the difference between African magic and African science: a conversation with Christian Emedolu

Beyond Irredentism and Jingoism: reflections on the nature of logic and the quest for (an) African logic

Fidelity to western metaphysics: A challenge to authentic African existence

Morality, justice and the challenge of execution of witches in Africa

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