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Ghana Journal of Science

Epidemiology of Cryptosporidium Sp Upstream the Water Treatment Plants in Kpong and Weija, Ghana

The Aetiology, Incidence and Severity of Mango Tree Decline Disease in Ghana

Impacts of Climate Change on Stream Inflows into the Volta Lake

Parasitic Load of Cattle Faecal Matter from Selected Farms in Kpong and its Health Implications

Rainfall Modelling with a Transect View in Ghana

Jump-diffusion Model for Crude Oil Spot Price Process: Parameter Estimation for Predicting the Market

Model Setting for Optimal Stopping and Singular Stochastic Control for Optimal Investment Strategy in Oil Field Project

Challenges associated with ground water resources development in northern Ghana

Ethnobotanical study of the use of natural dye plant species in the southern forest-savanna transition zone of Ghana

Aspects of the fecundity of the black-chinned tilapia Sarotherodon melanotheron in the Fosu lagoon, Ghana

Suspended sediment transport into a water supply reservoir in southern Ghana

Photoreactivation of total heterotrophic bacteria in bottled drinking water after inactivation with pulsed ultra-violet light

Microbial removal efficiency of a natural wastewater treatment system and the impact of its effluent on receiving waters

Clinical manifestations in sheep with plastic bags in the rumen

Identification and molecular phylogenetics of lasiodiplodia parva associated with white, yam (dioscorea rotundata L.) in Ghana

Length-weight relationship, condition factor and sex ratio of two chrysichthys species (pisces: claroteidae) of socio-economic importance from Kpong reservoir in Ghana

Non-invasive sex determination of guinea fowl keets (numida meleagris) by polymerase chain reaction

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