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Ghana Journal of Science

Suspended sediment transport into a water supply reservoir in southern Ghana

Authors: D. Ofori, B. A. Amisigo, F. Y. Logah, K. Kankam-Yeboah

Journal: Ghana Journal of Science

Weija reservoir on the Densu river serves as a source of water supply to parts of Greater Accra and Central regions of Ghana. The Densu river basin is characterised by accelerated land degradation. A number of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) interventions have been implemented in the basin. Reports suggest there has been an improvement of physicochemical parameters of the water resources. However, there is no recent study on fluvial sediment transport in the basin. This paper assessed sediment transport into the Weija reservoir via the Densu River. Weekly suspended sediment concentration and river discharge were monitored over a 1 year period to quantify sediment yield into the reservoir. The results indicated that total annual suspended sediment yield, and annual specific suspended sediment yield were 5375 t yr-1 and 2.0 t km-2 yr-1, respectively. These were relatively low compared to results obtained by past studies on the Densu basin at upstream Mangoase (6146 t yr-1 and 2.49 t km-2 yr-1) and other river basins in Ghana. Parameters established from a yield rating curve indicated that parts of the basin were degraded and sediment transport in the basin was largely due to the availability of sediment in the catchment and not just due to high river discharges. The relatively low sediment transport at Weija may be indicative of the success of the IWRM interventions. It is recommended that these be sustained and/or intensified.