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Haramaya Law Review

Haramaya Law Review

Human rights approach to water in the Ethiopian context: legal and policy assessments and challenges

Beyond the individualization of punishment: reflections on the Borana Oromo’s Collective Criminal Responsibility

The enigma of informal rural land deals in Ethiopia: evidence from peri-urban areas of Hawassa City

The adequacy of Ethiopia’s bilateral investment treaties in protecting the environment: race to the bottom

Note On: The adverse effects of polygamy on the rights of women: a case study in Gedeo and Sidama Zones

Note On: Responsibility of transnational environmental pollution under international environmental law

Founders of share companies under the Ethiopian share company law: legal analysis

Domestic implications of concluding observations of the committee on the rights of the child: the case of Ethiopia

Examining the design of the federal democratic republic of Ethiopian constitution in the light of Arend Lijphart’s guidelines of constitutional design for divided societies

Freedom of expression and the Ethiopian anti-terrorism proclamation: a comparative analysis

Admissibility of hearsay evidence in criminal trials: an appraisal of the Ethiopian legal framework

Laws regulating franchise business in different jurisdictions

The United Nations Watercourses Convention from the Ethiopian context: better to join or stay out?

The need to establish a workable, modern and institutionalized commercial arbitration in Ethiopia

Unconstitutional constitutional amendments in Ethiopia: the practice under veil and devoid of a watch dog

Departure of Ethiopian family laws: the need to redefine the place of societal norms in family matters

Evaluation of the efficiency of standard assessment for Category C Taxpayers in Ethiopia: the case of Tigray Regional State

Urban land acquisition and social justice in Ethiopia

Consumer bankruptcy law for Ethiopia: Lessons from United States and Germany

The criminal sanctions of commercial deceptions in Ethiopia: Could it contribute to the reduction of commercial disputes?

A post-divorce cohabitation never equals a remarriage in Ethiopia: A case comment

Distinguishing Limitation on Constitutional Rights from Their Suspension: A Comment on the CUD Case

The Justiciability and Enforcement of the Right to Health under the African Human Rights System

Family Violence against Women: How Does Ethiopian Law Compare with International Definitions?

Protection of Well-Known Trademarks in Ethiopia: A Comparative Treatise under the Trademark Proclamation


Large-Scale Commercial Investments in Land: Seeking to Secure Land Tenure and Improve

Rights of Citizens and Foreign Investors to Agricultural Land under the Land Policy and Laws of Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Environmental Regime versus International Standards: Policy, Legal, and Institutional Frameworks

Environmental Permitting in Ethiopia: No Restraint on “Unstoppable Growth?”

Environmental Permitting in Ethiopia: No Restraint on “Unstoppable Growth?”

Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring under Ethiopian Law

The Possible Overlap between Plant Variety Protection and Patent: Approaches in Africa with Particular Reference to South Africa and Ethiopia

Delegation of criminal jurisdiction between Ethiopia and other countries: choice of applicable criminal law

Intra party democracy in Ethiopia: towards a regulatory regime

The right to food and its justiciability in developing countries

Foreign capital outflow regulation under Ethiopian bits and domestic investment laws

The freedom to withdraw from political party membership under the Ethiopian law: a case comment

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