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Indilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Indilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Culture, gender bias and the vulnerability of black African women to HIV and Aids : a study of Lesotho

Dissemination of knowledge on indigenous rainmaking practices to combat negative effects of climate change : the case of Chimanimani district in Zimbabwe

Embedding chiefs’ bulls and iminombo in decolonising South African history in the further education and training phase

Indigenous preparation and preservation methods of selected indigenous wild edible vegetables of the Vhembe District Municipality

Backward? Or self-delusion? A critical analysis of the cultural significance of the feeding/eating habits of the traditional Shona people in Zimbabwe

The making of clay pots and its relevance to school science : reclaiming knowledge in the cultural practice of Ovawambo people in Namibia

The selection and installation of Shangwe chiefs in Gokwe North and South districts of Zimbabwe : an applied ethnomusicological dimension towards violating an indigenous model

Opacity, commodification and power dynamics : a narrative analysis of Uthando neSithembu

The cost implications of the National Health Insurance (NHI) and traditional healing and medicine in South Africa

Formal against indigenous and informal Education in sub-Saharan Africa : the battle without winners: research

A kaleidoscope model as an eminent stride towards decolonising indigenous historical themes: research

Appropriating indigenous knowledge through struggle songs : Dube and the impact of indigenous music in apartheid South Africa: research

The decolonial role of African indigenous languages and indigenous knowledges in formal education processes: research

African centered investigation into ways in which Ubuntu can promote social coherence : research

An examination of Afrocentric approaches to contemporary conflict transformation: research

To be or not to be : the image of men and women reflected in indigenous (folk) music in Southern African communities: research

Insights into indigenous knowledge strategies for coping and adapting to drought in agriculture : a Karoo scenario, South Africa: research

Ethnobotanical survey of plants used by Bapedi traditional healers to treat hypertension in the Polokwane Munucipality, Limpopo Province, South Africa: research

New trends in research : a shift towards education for sustainable development: research

Elimination by substitution : magnifying the importance of self through personal name choice

Addressing the digital literacy gap in the use of information and communication technologies in the dissemination of indigenous knowledge : a rural community experience

Management of indigenous human health knowledge in Tanzania : practitioners’ views

Vocational training programmes and transformation of women’s lives through Re mmogo method

Linking life orientation and indigenous knowledge education in South Africa : lessons learnt from literature

Exploring the use of African traditional medicines and rituals in South African professional football

Indigenising knowledge in intervening for the excluded children

The use of ubuntu pedagogy to facilitate academic support in a higher education classroom

Core content of indigenous training of traditional health practitioners in KwaZulu-Natal : a case of Ogobela

Indigenous knowledge systems and development: foreword

Institutionalising African language journalism studies

A blast from the past : a reflection of indigenous land owners rights from a proceduralist perspective

Chemistry practices in the Vhavenda indigenous society

Afromontane indigenous knowledge and the renaissance of indigenous knowledge for a sustainable future : a decolonial approach

Understanding the implementation challenges of SA’s Communal Land Act 11 of 2004, as an alternative to apartheid’s African indigenous land tenure system

An appraisal of integrating indigenous knowledge and Western-based methods of learning : a case study of smallholder farmers in Kwadlangezwa, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Male circumcision as a remedy to sexually transmitted infections amongst youths in the Limpopo province of South Africa

Reflections on kwanzaa and the spirit of ubuntu after Brown and Garner

“An eye for an eye” : using dialoguing as an indirect naming strategy in the Zulu anthroponymic system

Governing principles of indigenous institutions and their role in natural resource management and local resource mobilization : the case of Sidaama, Southern Ethiopia

Using fuzzy cognitive maps in modelling and representing weather lore for seasonal weather forecasting over east and Southern Africa: research

Radiating love : reflections on the role of the heart in indigenous and global healing 31: research

Appraisal of the nutritional potential and safety of wild vegetables of South Africa 44: research

Infancy of internet cafe: the substitute of Ubuntu-padare pedagogy: research

Development of a juice using a mixture of Amaranthus Thunbergii for improvement of the nutritional status of the elderly citizens at Umlazi, Ethekwini municipality: research

The linguistic authoritativeness of monyala ka Pedi as a principle of negotiating marriage: research

The infusion of indigenous knowledge systems in the teaching and learning of South African history in the further education and training phase: research

Contextualizing dyadic ties, social capital and ubuntu as instruments for migrants integration in South Africa: research

Amaxhosa beadwork (iintsimbi) for identity affirmation and economic empowerment 135: research

Applying indigenous knowledge in agricultural extension : the case of Agritex workers in Zimbabwe: research

Indigenous chickens (ICS) the underutilised resource of food, nutrition security and sustainable livelihoods : a case study of Mkhambathini municipality, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: research

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