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Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies

Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies

Religious Institutions and Empowerment: The Case of Indigenous Religions in Ghana

Interpreting “Sodom and Gomorrah” Passages in the Context of Homosexuality Controversy: A Nigerian Perspective

Tanure Ojaide‟s Poetry and the Animal Kingdom Paradigm

Poetics and Subjectivity in Contemporary Nigerian Poetry: Afam Akeh and Abubakar Othman

Central Political Institutions in Benin and Balance of Power Under Colonial Rule

Postmodernism and Organizational Culture: The Japanese Experience

Philosophy, Mythology and an African Cosmological System

"Religious" Violence in a New Democracy: A Study of the Kaduna and Jos Crises of 2000 and 2001

Nigerian Women, HIV/AIDS, and the Quest for Social Justice

Embodied Memory: A Trauma-Theoretical Approach to Chukwuma Okoye‟s We the Beast

The Aesthetics of "Ladeoko Festival‟ of Isona Ward in Ilesa, Nigeria

Designing for Outdoor Musical Performances in Nigeria

The Female Gender as a Political "Other": An ideological Reading of Aristophanes' Lysistrata

Classical Etymologies of Select Gynaecological and Ophthalmic Terminology

Religio-Cultural and Poetic Constructions of the Subaltern African Woman

An Inferential Model Analysis of Yoruba Proverbs with Leadership Lexis

The Nigerian Statements of Accounting Standards and Ribh (Profit) in an Islamic Economy

Negative Polarity Items in the Ao Dialect of Yoruba

Book Review: Tekena Tamuno's Lamentations of Yeske and Wisdom of the Elders

Ezigbo Mmadu : An Exploration of the Igbo Concept of a Good Person

Sen and Moral Choice: Merging development and existentialism

Individual Differences in Psychological Empowerment: A Study of Banking Sector Employees

Gender and Identity in the Nigerian Media

Nigerian Theatre and the Multilingual Challenge

Wole Soyinka’s Glocal Cultural Legislation

Feminine and Masculine Connotations in Achebe’s Novels

A Historical Analysis of Staff-Student Relationship in the Nigerian University System: The University of Ibadan Experience, 1948-2008

The Historical Vicissitudes of Inclusive African Port Cities: The case of Douala, Cameroon

Epiteichismos in the Peloponnesian War

Shuttle Between Interlanguage and Relexification in the West African Europhone Literature: An Interview with Chantal Zabus

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