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Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies

A Historical Analysis of Staff-Student Relationship in the Nigerian University System: The University of Ibadan Experience, 1948-2008

Authors: S Ajayi

Journal: Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies

This paper analyses the salient trends in staff-student relations in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria‟s premier university, from its inception in 1948 to date. It highlights the changing trends in the relationship in the light of new challenges and initiatives and the dynamism of university education within a national context. The trends are discussed in sections, each section representing a major phase in the Ibadan University‟s changing historical development and each phase manifesting a degree of peculiar but dynamic characteristics in the staff-student relations. As in most sectors of the institution‟s life, there have been vicissitudes and an enormous gulf between what went on during the formative years of Ibadan and the present state of affairs.