Society of African Journal Editors

Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies

Tanure Ojaide‟s Poetry and the Animal Kingdom Paradigm

Authors: K Eke

Journal: Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies

One of the main reasons why Ojaide’s poetry will continue to appeal to readers is his presentation of models of justice. This paper stresses that the poet draws his models from the animal kingdom. To be specific, Ojaide sees the animal kingdom as a place where the principles of socialism and collective responsibility are realised. Concerning the animal world, the poet admires the birds because they all have equal rights and freedom of flight. Besides, the poet does not hide his admiration for ants because they conduct themselves far better than can be imagined. In this regard, the work load of one ant is not heavier than that of another ant. It is our considered opinion that the poet identifies the animal kingdom as a paradigm of justice. This is because it is an environment where basic needs are provided; individual talents are realised without being held back by the unhealthy capitalist competition of the human community.