Society of African Journal Editors

Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies

Feminine and Masculine Connotations in Achebe’s Novels

Authors: TE Afejuku, AO Eruaga

Journal: Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies

The argument in this essay is that Chinua Achebe manifests feminist tendencies in his novels. In them he assigns his female characters sensitive responsibilities, and equally uses the kind of language and style that underscore his positive presentation of these female characters. In his novels, Achebe is not satisfied with what he perceives to be the society’s hypocritical attitudes in its dealings with women. Consequently, he re-affirms his position on the issues of women by creating powerful and tough women who are endowed with moral, intellectual and physical powers which they employ in the service of mankind and their various communities. In these novels, it is obvious that Achebe identifies with women whose status he consciously attempts to elevate through carefully chosen words, symbols and connotations that mark them fairly and positively in contrast to the men. The essay ends on the note that Achebe’s connotative style marks him as an apostle and a prophetic advocate of feminism.