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Information Technologist

The construction of Tigrigna Spelling Checker and Corrector in android smart phones through prototyping process model

Authors: Petros Ukbagergis Aray, Melquiades Jr. Rigor Hayag

Journal: Information Technologist

The Construction of Tigrigna Spelling Checker and Corrector in Android Smart Phones Through Prototyping Process Model is the process of developing a prototype for detecting the misspelled words and correcting them in a paragraph. The prototyping Model follows a process of Requirements gathering and analysis, Quick design, Build prototype, User evaluation, Refining prototype, Engineering the product. based on the prototyping process model step the Application will be finalized to the Tigrigna language users.The researchers used an algorithm dictionary lookup for detection of misspelled words, and Edit Distance approach to generate the valid suggestions for the misspelled words and use linguistic features of the Tigrigna language. The frequency of each word, provides a rank to each word in the list of found words to the system. Words with highest frequency will get highest rank. To show the validity of the spelling checker model and the algorithm designed, experiment was also conducted to measure the accuracy of the Prototype spelling checker and suitability of the system based on ISO 9241 usability engineering standards. Therefore, the researchers concluded based on 90.25% correction accuracy that the Model is effective in checking and correcting Tigrigna words. Keywords: Spelling, checker, proto, type, model, Algorithm, Corrector Android, Phones