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International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development

International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development

Determinants of Yield Gap in Upland Rice Production in Southwestern Nigeria

Economic Assessment of Palm Oil Processing in Owerri Agricultural Zone of Imo State

Evaluation of Effects of Maize Extension Package on Farmers Indigenous Practice

Field Evaluation of Various Plant Biocides in the Control of Black Sigatoka Disease in Plantians

Determinant of Profit Efficiency among Small Scale Traditional Palm Oil Processors in Nigeria: A Profit Function Approach

Value of Bitter Leaf ( Vernonia amygdalina ) Meal as Feed Ingredient in the Diet of Finisher

Economic Analyses of Ware Yam Production in Orlu Agricultural Zone of Imo State

Yield and Composition of Milk of West African Dwarf (Wad) Sheep Fed Graded Levels of Boiled Pigeon Pea Seed Meal Broiler Chicken

Some Properties of Soils Formed Over Three Parent Materials in Imo State

Evaluation of Exchange Rate Policy on Agricultural Trade in Nigeria

Nursery and Field Establishment of Moringa Oleifera: The Federal University Of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria Experience

Adoption of Bee Keeping Technologies by Farmers in Imo State

Characterization and Classification of Soils on a Toposequence in Afikpo, Southeastern Nigeria: A Geographical Information System (GIS) Approach

Resource Use Efficency by Rural Poor Cassava Farmers in Imo State: Implications for Poverty Alleviation

Isolation and Identification of Spoilage Fungi Associated With Rice ( Oryzae Sativa ) Millet ( Pennisetum Americamum ) and Soybean

Physical, Chemical, Functional and Sensory Properties of the ‘White’ Variety of African Yam Bean ( Sphenostylis Sternocarpa )

Efficacy of Garlic and Other Plant Extracts In the Control of Septorial Leaf Spot of Tomato ( Lycopersicon Esculentum )

Indigenous Technologies for Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa

An Overview of Benefits of Organic Agriculture as a Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy for Nigeria

Integrated Nutrient Management, Soil Fertility and Productivity of Maize ( Zea mays l. ) in a Derived Savanna Ultisol of Southeastern Nigeria

Body Weight and Growth Characteristics of the Progeny Chicks of Two Breeds of the Nigerian Local Chicken in a Humid Tropical Environment

Public Health Implications of Aquatic Snails around Fish Ponds in Okwe, Delta State

Fish Diversity in Relation to Aquatic Macrophytes and Physicochemical Parameters of on a Lake in Asaba, Southern Nigeria

Prospects and Challenges in the Utilization of moringa oleifera lam. for Agroecosystem Sustainability in Nigeria

Sustainability of Beekeeping as a Means of Economic Empowerment, Biodiversity and Food Security

Effect of Different Levels of Molasses Fed Through Drinking Water on Growth and Economic Performance of Broiler Chickens

Land Use Types In Relation To Microbial Distribution in a Degraded University Environment

Changes in Cations Distribution on Degraded Soils of Otamiri Floodplain, Owerri, Southeastern Nigeria

Herbage Dynamics and Soils of two Different Sites of Calotropis procera (ait) r. Br. (Asclepiadaecae) in the Northern Guinea Savanna Zone of Nigeria

An Evaluation of Weed abundance and Community Diversity in Response to Pendimethalin Application and Manual hoe Weeding in Cowpea

Economic Assessment of Indigenous Food Producing Forest Tree Species in Abia and Imo States of Nigeria

Spatial Analysis of Particle Size Distribution of Soils Formed on Basement Complex Materials in the Southwestern Nigeria

Analyses of Small-Scale Turkey Production in Owerri Agricultural Zone of Imo State, Nigeria

Evaluation of Soybean Hulls in Grower Turkey Diets

Variations in some morphological and yield characteristics of mungbean ( Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) cultivars introduced into the rain-forest agroecology of Southeastern Nigeria

Performance, Nutrient Uptake and Profitability of Amaranthus Cruentus (Linn.) in Response to Different Soil Amendments

Performance Response of Growing Rabbits Fed Sun-dried Cashew Pulp-based Diets

Extent of Information and Communication Technology Usage among Agriculture Undergraduates, Implications for Agricultural Development

Effect of Multipurpose Tree Species on Soil Fauna and Weed Diversity in a Typic Paleudult

Effects of Dietary Toasted and Sun-Dried Icacinia Mani (Earth Ball) Meals on the Performance, Serum Biochemical and Haematological Indices of Weaner Rabbits

Properties of Degraded Soils Cultivated with Amaranth as Influenced by Palm Bunch Refuse Ash

Effect of time of mulching and plant spacing on the growth and yield of okra ( Abelmoschus esculentus L.) in Abakaliki agroecolgical zone

Effect of Tillage Practices and Neem Leaves(Azadirachta indica A. Juss) on the Incidence and Severity of Termites on Cassava(Manihot esculenta Crantz) in Owerri

Field and Laboratory Evaluation of Dynamics in Soil Properties of Selected Land Use Types in Owerri, Southeastern, Nigeria

Economic Evaluation of Small ruminant Production among Small holder Farmers in Zamfara State

Analysis of Role Performance and Utilization of Training Opportunities by Subject Matter Specialists in Imo State and Anambra State Agricultural Development Programme

Economics of Dry Season Vegetable Production by Women Farmers in Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State, South East Nigeria- A Case Study of Telfairia Occidentalis

Determinant of Factors Affecting Investment of Farmers in three Management Systems of Cocoa ( Theobroma cacao ) Production in Abia State, Nigeria

Evaluation of Sampling Time and Location on Growth and Development of Speargrass, Imperata Cylindrica (L.) Raecuschel in the Tropical Soils of Southeastern Nigeria

Effect of Mulching and Nitrogen Fertilizer on Growth and Yield of Okra ( Abelmoschus esculentus )

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