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International Journal of Communication: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication Studies

International Journal of Communication: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication Studies

Solidarity, Social Media, and the "Refugee Crisis": Engagement Beyond Affect

Civic Creativity: Role-Playing Games in Deliberative Process

Venture Labor| Foreword to Critical Commentary on Venture Labor

Shift or Stasis| Questioning Global Communication Power — Introduction

Communication & Global Power Shifts| Developmental Bodies and the Occupation of Time: Theorizing Gender Solidarity in Times of Global Power Shift

Breaking Down the Birangona: Examining the (Divided) Media Discourse on the War Heroines of Bangladesh's Independence Movement

[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Scenarios for the Network Neutrality Arms Race

From Screen to Self: The Relationship Between Television Exposure and Self-Complexity Among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth

Changing the Rules of the Game: Strategic Institutionalization and Legacy Companies’ Resistance to New Media

Shift or Stasis| The 2015 Charlie Hebdo Killings, Media Event-chains and Global Political Responses

Digital Divide| Middle Classes Undergoing Transformation in a Digitizing World

The Advertorial as a Tool of Mediated Public Diplomacy

Capturing the Information City: The Liberation of Spatial Technology in Taiwan, 1994–2008

[Special Section on Net Neutrality] The Myth of Network Neutrality and What We Should Do About It

TV News Exposure of Young People in Changing Viewing Environments: A Longitudinal, Cross-National Comparison Using People-Meter Data

Shift or Stasis| The Changing Geographies of Pirate Transnational Audiovisual Flows

Critical Communication History| What Makes “Free” Radio? U.S. Media Policy Discussions in Post-War Germany 1945–1947

Longitudinal Modeling of Frame Changing and Media Salience: Coverage of Worker Displacement, 1980-2007

[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Analyzing the Net Neutrality Debate Through Awareness of Agenda Denial

Integration or Isolation? Mapping Out the Position of Radical Right Media in the Public Sphere

Contextualized Transmedia Mobilization: Media Practices and Mobilizing Structures in the Umbrella Movement

Venture Labor| Venture Labor and Media Work: The Canary Has Flown

Compulsive Creativity: Virtual Worlds, Disability, and Digital Capital

Shift or Stasis| Advertising and Media in the Age of the Algorithm

Piracy & Social Change| The Pirate Party and the Politics of Communication

Communicative Affordances of Mobile Media: Portability, Availability, Locatability, and Multimediality

South African Perspectives on Mobile Phones: Challenging the Optimistic Narrative of Mobiles for Development

[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Net Neutrality: The Technical Side of the Debate ~ A White Paper

Emotional Realism, Affective Labor and Politics in the Arab Fandom of Game of Thrones

Increasingly Violent but Still Sexy: A Decade of Central Female Characters in Top-Grossing Hollywood and Bollywood Film Promotional Material

Shift or Stasis| CCTV News and Soft Power

Digital Age| Managing Secrecy

Informatization–Dramatization: Communicating Health in East Asian Television Dramas

[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Measuring the Network - Service Level Agreements, Service Level Monitoring, Network Architecture and Network Neutrality

The God Card: Strategic Employment of Religious Language in U.S. Presidential Discourse

Public Media Autonomy and Accountability: Best and Worst Policy Practices in 12 Leading Democracies

Who’s the Boss? Setting the Agenda in a Fragmented Media Environment

Shift or Stasis| Al Jazeera’s Complex Legacy: Thresholds for an Unconventional Media Player from the Global South

Building Frames Link by Link: The Linking Practices of Blogs and News Sites

[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Dynamic Effects of Network Neutrality

Revisiting the Origins of Communication Research: Walter Lippmann’s WWII Adventure in Propaganda and Psychological Warfare

Communication & Global Shifts| Performing Terror, Mediating Religion: Indian Cinema and the Politics of National Belonging

Without You, I'm Nothing: Performances of the Self on Twitter

[Special Section on Net Neutrality] What Can Antitrust Law Contribute to the Network Neutrality Debate?

From Hijrah to Khilafah: Rhetoric, Redemption, and ISIL's Recruitment Strategy

Health Communication through Media Narratives: Factors, Processes and Effects — Introduction

Venture Labor| The Culture of Continuous Labor

Shift or Stasis| Engaging Youth in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Through Chat Apps: Challenges and Opportunities for International News Organizations

Translations| The Stimulating Challenges of Translating Contemporary Swiss German Poetry

User-Generated Warfare: A Case of Converging Wartime Information Networks and Coproductive Regulation on YouTube

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