Society of African Journal Editors

International Journal of Communication: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication Studies

International Journal of Communication: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication Studies

China’s Green Public Culture: Network Pragmatics and the Environment

Toward a Common Standard for Aid Transparency: Discourses of Global Citizenship Surrounding the BRICS

Politics in Fictional Entertainment: An Empirical Classification of Movies and TV Series

Communication & Global Power Shifts| A Tale of Two Obits: Reading the Cold War Through the Obituaries of W.E.B. Dubois and Chairman Mao Tse-tung

Communicating the Right to Know:Social Media in the Do-It-Yourself Air Quality Testing Campaign in Chinese Cities

Digital Media Literacy Education and Online Civic and Political Participation

Cultural Policy in the Korean Wave: An Analysis of Cultural Diplomacy Embedded in Presidential Speeches

BRICS| Strategizing for Creative Industries in China: Contradictions and Tension in Nation Branding

Institutions, Telecommunications Reform, and Universal Service Policy in Mexico (1990–2014)

Broadband Adoption| Introduction: Defining and Measuring Meaningful Broadband Adoption

Resounding News: The Acoustic Conventions of Israeli Newscasts

COMPASS| Race, Class, and Privacy: A Critical Historical Review

Framing Corruption in the Chinese Government: A Comparison of Frames Between Media, Government, and Netizens

BRICS| Branding Brazil Through Cultural Policy: Rio de Janeiro as a Creative, Audiovisual City

Digital Age| Occult(ing) Transparency: An Epilogue

European Public Sphere| Online News, Social Media and European Union Attitudes: A Multidimensional Analysis

Who is a Laowai? Chinese Interpretations of Laowai as a Referring Expression for Non-Chinese

Turkey, the Middle East & the Media| “The Reality is Not as It Seems From Turkey”: Imaginations About the Eurovision Song Contest From Its Production Fields

Broadband Adoption| Measuring Sustainable Broadband Adoption: An Innovative Approach to Understanding Broadband Adoption and Use

The Challenge of Constructing a Unique Online Identity Through an Isomorphic Social Media Presence

Information Control and Political Impression Management: A Dramaturgical Analysis of the Chinese Premier’s Press Conference

Transmedia Testimonio: Examining Undocumented Youth’s Political Activism in the Digital Age

BRICS| Voters against Public Opinion: Press and Democracy in Brazil and South Africa

Culturally Specific Privacy Practices on Social Network Sites: Privacy Boundary Permeability Management in Photo Sharing by American and Chinese College-Age Users

Broadband Adoption| Toward an Inclusive Measure of Broadband Adoption

Why Are Half of Latin Americans Not Online? A Four-Country Study of Reasons for Internet Non-Adoption

COMPASS| New Media, Work Boundaries, and Privacy

Politically Relevant Intimacy: A Conceptual and Empirical Investigation

Which Countries Does the World Talk About? An Examination of Factors that Shape Country Presence on Twitter

BRICS| Global Partners or International Spies? A Comparative Analysis of the Russian Media’s Coverage of the Law on “Foreign Agents”

Nature and Effectiveness of Online Social Support for Intercultural Adaptation of Mainland Chinese International Students

Broadband Adoption| Free Library Hot Spots: Supporting Broadband Adoption in Philadelphia's Low-Income Communities

The Challenge of Delocalized Channels: Transfrontier Television in Poland (Characteristics, Typology and Content)

BRICS| Getting in the Game? A Rising India and the Question of Global Sport

Constructing Public Space: Global Perspectives on Social Media and Popular Contestation — Introduction

The Cultural Production of a Pharmaceutical Market: The Making of ADHD

Broadband Adoption| Measuring Digital Citizenship: Mobile Access and Broadband

A “Hotbed” of Digital Empowerment? Media Criticism in Kenya Between Playful Engagement and Co-Option

The Defining Approaches and Practical Paradox of Sensitive Data: An Investigation of Data Protection Laws in 92 Countries and Regions and 200 Data Breaches in the World

COMPASS| Training Doctors To Communicate: Lessons From Integrating Behavioral and Social Science into Medical Education

Social Media Companies' Cyberbullying Policies

A Mediation Model to Explain the Effects of Information Seeking from Media and Interpersonal Sources on Young Adults' Intention to Use Marijuana

BRICS| The Global as the Postcolonial: Desire, Identity, and Liminality in Indian Rock

European Public Sphere| Discussing the Democratic Deficit: Effects of Media and Interpersonal Communication on Satisfaction with Democracy in the European Union

Broadband Adoption| The Bandwidth Divide: Obstacles to Efficient Broadband Adoption in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa

The Dual Impact of Social Media Under Networked Authoritarianism: Social Media Use, Civic Attitudes, and System Support in China

Enjoyment and Appreciation as Motivators for Coping: Exploring the Therapeutic Effects of Media Messages on Perceived Threat

BRICS| Road to India—A Brazilian Love Story: BRICS, Migration, and Cultural Flows in Brazil’s Caminho das Indias

Info Capacity| Tracking the Flow of Information into the Home: An Empirical Assessment of the Digital Revolution in the U.S. from 1960–2005

Laughing Through Change: Subversive Humor in Online Videos of Arab Youth

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