Society of African Journal Editors

International Journal of Communication: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication Studies

International Journal of Communication: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication Studies

Piracy Cultures| The Network Studio Revisited: Becoming an Artist in the Age of "Piracy Cultures"

Access to Rabat: De Jure Policies and De Facto Realities in Moroccan Newspaper Coverage of the February 20 Movement and Constitutional Reforms, 2011–2012

Co-mmodifying the Gay Body: Globalization, the Film Industry and Female Prosumers in the Contemporary Korean Mediascape

Ratings as Politics. Television Audience Measurement and the State: An International Comparison

Piracy Cultures | Do Fans Own Digital Comic Books?: Examining the Copyright and Intellectual Property Attitudes of Comic Book Fans

“I Don’t Care About Politics, I Just Like That Guy!” Affective Disposition and Political Attributes in Information Processing of Political Talk Shows

Global to Village| Research as Communicative Praxis: Crossing the Urban–Rural Divide in Understanding Hong Kong’s Occupy Central Movement

Taming Online Political Engagement in Russia: Disempowered Publics, Empowered State and Challenges of the Fully Functioning Society

Beyond the Four Theories: Toward a Discourse Approach to the Comparative Study of Media and Politics

Piracy & Social Change| From File Sharing to Free Culture: The Evolving Agenda of European Pirate Parties

Piracy Cultures| Audiovisual Piracy, Informal Economy, and Cultural Globalization

How Political Conflict Shapes Online Spaces: A Comparison of Climate Change Hyperlink Networks in the United States and Germany

Global to Village| Rewiring UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre and Rural Peripheries: Imagined Community and Concrete Inequality From France’s Corsica to China’s Heyang

Moral Economies: Interrogating the Interactions of NGOs, Journalists and Freelancers

Turkey, the Middle East & the Media| Soft Power or Illiiusion of Hegemony: The Case of the Turkish Soap Opera "Colonialism"

Piracy Cultures| Piracy Culture in Greece: Local Realities and Civic Potentials

Media and Collective Action in Greece: From Indignation to Solidarity

Credibility Gaps and Public Opinion in a Competitive Media Environment: The Case of Arab Satellite TV News in Lebanon

Economic Inequality| Economic Inequalities and Mediated Communication ― Introduction

Internationalization Through Americanization: The Expansion of the International Communication Association's Leadership to the World

Globalization of Mediated Spaces: The Case of Transnational Environmentalism in China

Piracy Cultures| Corporate Encouragement of Piracy Cultures: Cultural Borrowing as Standard Practice in Game Spaces

Economic Inequality| How Come We Know? The Media Coverage of Economic Inequality

White Millionaires and Hockey Skates: Racialized and Gendered Mediation in News Coverage of a Canadian Mayoral Election

Construction of Obedient Foreign Brides as Exotic Others: How Production Practices Construct the Images of Marriage Migrant Women on Korean Television

Piracy Cultures| Poisoning the Affective Economy of RW Culture: Re-Mapping the Agents

Economic Inequality| The Mediation of Hope: Communication Technologies and Inequality in Perspective

Russian News Coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games: A Transmedia Analysis

Beyond the Western Masses: Demography and Pakistani Media Credibility Perceptions

Piracy Cultures| Pirates, Who are They? A Cognitive-Linguistic Analysis of Italian Media Discourse

The Hijacked Hashtag: The Constitutive Features of Abortion Stigma in the #ShoutYourAbortion Twitter Campaign

Economic Inequality| Citizen Detriment: Communications, Inequality and Social Order

A Korean Mother’s Cooking Notes: Maintaining South Korean Cooking and Ideals of Housewives in Glocal Influences

Piracy Cultures| “Free Culture” Lost in Translation

What Communication Scholars Write About: An Analysis of 80 Years of Research in High-Impact Journals

E-Democracy and Collaborative Lawmaking: The Discussion of the Political Reform in Brazil

Green Brand Positioning in the Online Environment

Piracy Cultures| The Business of Anti-Piracy: New Zones of Enterprise in the Copyright Wars

Economic Inequality| Contrasting Conceptions, Discourses and Studies of Economic Inequalities

When Race Matters: What Newspaper Opinion Pieces Say about Race and Poverty

Piracy Cultures| The Quiet Agglomeration of Data: How Piracy is Made Mundane

What We Need is Good Communication: Vernacular Globalization in Some Hungarian Speech

"Mom’s Voice" and Other Voices:Civil-Military Relations as a Media Ritual

Piracy Cultures| Survey of File-Sharing Culture

Economic Inequality| Favoring the Elites: Think Tanks and Discourse Coalitions

Discovering the Divide: Technology and Poverty in the New Economy

Piracy Cultures| From “D-Buffs” to the “D-Generation”: Piracy, Cinema, and An Alternative Public Sphere in Urban China

The Morality and Political Antagonisms of Neoliberal Discourse: Campbell Brown and the Corporatization of Educational Justice

Economic Inequality| Economic Inequality in German Quality Press: Framing Concerns About Inequality and Redistribution

Fonts of Potential: Areas for Typographic Research in Political Communication

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