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International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies

Examination of the competencies of the pre-service teachers studying at the education faculties about the educational program literacy

Authors: Okan Sarıgöz, Yavuz Bolat

Journal: International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies

Teaching programs are the basic elements and guides of the education-teaching processes. The correct understanding of the content of the teaching programs reveals the concept of the educational program literacy. The aim of this research is to study to identify the competencies of the educational program literacy of the pre-service teachers studying in the education faculties by arithmetic mean of the answers given to the scale items by department type, class level demographic variables and gender. In accordance with this purpose; a Teaching Program Literacy scale consisting of 29 items, developed by Bolat (2017) was used in the reading and writing dimensions about education programs and teaching literacy in order to collect data. In addition to the descriptive statistics of the collected data with the Education Program Literacy Scale, analyzes such as t-test, Tukey and Anova were also conducted. In the study, the general scanning model, which is one of the descriptive scanning methods, was used. The universe of the research is composed of all the pre-service teachers who are studying in different programs of Mustafa Kemal University Faculty of Education, the sample of the research constitutes a total of 785 pre-service teachers studying in Turkish Teaching, English Language Teaching, Science Education and Classroom Teaching programs of Mustafa Kemal University Faculty of Education. As a result of the research, the curriculum of the pre-service teachers has been differentiated in favor of female pre-service teachers in terms of literacy of writing by gender. However, gender change, from the general angle of the scale, did not cause any statistical differentiation. It has also been found that the opinions of pre-service teachers are close to each other on program literacy, depending on the program they are studying. It has been determined that there are statistically significant differences in favor of pre-service teachersstudying at the upper class among the class levels in which the pre-service teachers have studied. In addition, the results of the study showed that the pre-service teachers felt themselves sufficient in terms of understanding, interpreting and evaluation in terms of program literacy and felt themselves inadequate in terms of goals.   Key words: Teaching program, teaching program literacy, teacher training.