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International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies

Building the capability of non-formal education teachers to develop a learning society for promoting lifelong education in Thailand

Authors: Sumalee Sungsri

Journal: International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies

This study aims to study Thai non-formal education teachers’ perceptions of their opportunities to obtain knowledge about the learning society; identify the knowledge of non-formal education teachers need about the learning society which could be obtained through a distance learning package; and to develop and evaluate distance learning package on the learning society for the non-formal education teachers. The study sample was 264 non-formal education teachers in local areas from 24 district non-formal education and informal education centres in 12 provinces across the country. Research instruments were questionnaires and interviews. Data obtained were analysed by percentage, mean, standard deviation, and content analysis. Results of the study showed that the non-formal education teachers agreed that knowledge about the learning society was important for their work in promoting lifelong education for people. They strongly agreed that they needed knowledge and understanding about developing a learning society. The self-directed distance learning package on learning society was accepted by 10 experts in the field. Moreover, it was found that after the teachers had studied the distance learning package, their knowledge and understanding about the learning society was significantly higher. They were also highly satisfied with the printed media and the video cd (VCD) in the learning package.  Key words: Lifelong education, learning society, non-formal education teachers.